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72nd Anniversary of the Italian Republic

21 June 2018

Ambassador of Italy to South Africa Mr Pier Giovanni Donnici hosted a reception to celebrate the Republic of Italy. Mr Ebrahim Patel, Minister of Economic Development of South Africa was the guest of honour.

Ambassador Donnici said that Italy shares a special undertaking towards the African Continent. "Africa is a cornerstone of Italian foreign policy. This is reflected in the size and scope of the Italian investments in Africa, as well as in the wide array of activities and events the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation dedicates to our partnership with African countries, among them the Italian-African Ministerial Conference, whose 2nd edition is set to take place this Autumn. Italy also enjoys a solid economic and trade relationship that makes South Africa by far our main commercial partner in Sub-Saharan Africa," said Ambassador Donnici.


Addis Ababa, Africa’s Diplomatic Capital

20 June 2018

Ethiopia has made tremendous progress across economic, social and human development over the past 15 years, said His Excellency Dr. Shiferaw Teklemariam, Ambassador of Ethiopia to South Africa. He was addressing a press briefing at the embassy in Pretoria.

The 100 million populace of Ethiopia occupy approximately 1.15 million km squared of land, the combined size of Spain and France. Referring to it as the centre of the world situated in the horn of Africa Ambassador Teklemariam presented the country’s vision 2025 of becoming a middle income country through agriculture led industrialisation transformation path.


Russia National Day 2018

20 June 2018

Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Republic of South Africa,  Mr Mikhail Petrakov hosted a reception to celebrate Russia’s national day. The national day, observed on June 12, was celebrated on June 14 and coincided with the opening of the FIFA World Cup which is being hosted by Russia.

Every National Day is about identity, said Ambassador Petrakov. “Russia and Russians identify themselves in the international arena with peace, stability, equal security, just and democratic world order based on international law.”

Quoting Russian President Vladimir Putin, Ambassador Petrakov said, “For us, Russia, the Homeland, is much more than the place where we were born and live. In our hearts, we feel an indissoluble bond to our history, spiritual values and moral principles. And this invisible but durable thread binds all generations together.

“Our country has been through numerous critical times and severe trials. But our multinational people met all challenges with dignity and honour. The foundation, the core of this unity and tenacity has always been and always will be devotion to the Fatherland....”


Embassy Law Diplomatic and Imigration Legal Services

Offered by Europlaw Group

20 June 2018

Europlaw Group, operating mostly in the Republic of South Africa and the United Kingdom, is recognized as one of the pre-eminent law firms practicing in the area of international, embassy, diplomatic and immigration law. One of the directors of Europlaw Group has 15 years of experience in diplomatic missions, countries, and foreign nationals. Europlaw Group is skilled in handling complex disputes giving consideration to culture, customs, and traditions. Europlaw Group is a member of The International Association of Lawyers (UIA- Union Internationale des Avocats) based in Paris, France that brings together over 2000 individual members and 200 bars, federations and association members, from more than 110 countries.


Never Again

20 June 2018

In the Brenthurst Discussion Paper ‘Chile’s Reform Decision Points’ published this month, Dr Greg Mills and Dr Lyal White discuss the comparative trajectory of the Latin American country and African copper producers. The lessons include the importance of keeping the military out of politics, ultimately to their own as well as the nation’s benefit.

‘We have, I think, probably seen the last of coups in Latin America because of the cost. It is not the duty, or the role of the armed forces to engage in politics. It has a lot of cost for the armed forces. It is not a good experience overall for the institution. It places distance between society and the armed forces.’

He should know. Juan Emilio Cheyre was Commander-in-Chief of the Chilean Army from 2002 to 2006. The armed forces led by General Augusto Pinochet, staged a successful coup on 11 September 1973, running the country until a civilian government took over once more in March 1990.


The diplomacy of Singapore, India and Sri Lanka: Bringing ASEAN and SAARC closer

By Srimal Fernando Global Editor of The Diplomatic Society and Megha Gupta

Singapore is powerfully positioned among the Southeast Asian countries. The founding father of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, had set the core foreign policies for the nation which had been taken forward by Singapore’s first foreign minister S. Rajaratnam.

The first foreign minister had believed that Singapore must always maintain good and friendly relations with its neighbors, especially the ones in the Asia Pacific region. India with its current foreign policy of Act East, coincides with the goal of Singapore’s Asia Pacific policy. India’s southern neighbor Sri Lanka has also strengthened its foreign policy with Singapore by improving its political and economic ties with Singapore. The historical links between Singapore, India and Sri Lanka can be drawn from their principles of Non-Alignment and Commonwealth of Nations.


120th Anniversary of the Declaration of Philippine Independence

12 June 2018, Pretoria, South Africa

Message of Ambassador Joseph Gerard B. Angeles on the occasion of the 120th Anniversary of the Declaration of Philippine Independence and 25 Years of Philippines – South Africa Diplomatic Relations

Photo: Ambassador Joseph Gerard B. Angeles of Philippines and South African Minister of Public Works Thulas Nxesi raising a toast

It has been twelve decades since Philippine revolutionaries declared our country’s independence, and since then our people have cherished the values of freedom, self-determination and democracy. While the sound of revolutionary cannon fire has long been drowned out by the busy noises of rapid industrialization and urbanization in Philippine cities, the Filipino people continue with the same zeal and fervor to obtain the fruits of that freedom – to be free from poverty, inequality, and lack of access to economic opportunity. And I have the honor and pleasure of informing you that through hard work, we are succeeding.


Indonesian Ambassador Al Farisi arrives in South Africa

11 June 2018

On 9 June 2018, the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to South Africa, the Republic of Botswana, Lesotho and the Kingdom of Eswatini Ambassador Salman Al Farisi arrived at O.R Tambo Airport Johannesburg.

Photo (l-r) Chad Jacinto - Consul at Philippines Embassy, Ambassador Vu Van Dzung of Vietnam, Ambassador U Myint Swe of Myanmar, Jabu Msibi from DIRCO, Ambassador Salman Al Farisi of Indonesia, High Commissioner Mohamad Nizan Mohamad of Malaysia, Terence Hong - First Secretary - Singapore High Commission and Paisit Boonparlit - Charge d’ affaires of the Royal Thai Embassy

Following ASEAN tradition in South Africa, the arrival of Ambassador Salman Al Farisi was welcomed by all Ambassadors and representatives of the 6 ASEAN countries in Pretoria, namely Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines and a representative from the Department of International Relations and Cooperation of the Republic of South Africa.

In Pretoria, Ambassador Salman Al Farisi took time to break the fast and tarawih prayer with the Indonesian community.


Conference on Opportunities and Challenges of China-Africa Industrial Cooperation

11 June 2018

On June 8th, the seminar on "Opportunities and Challenges of China-Africa Industrial Cooperation" jointly hosted by the Chinese Embassy in South Africa and the Human Science Research Council was successfully held in Pretoria. H.E. Ambassador Lin Songtian of China to South Africa, and Deputy Minister Obed Bapela of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs attended and delivered keynote speeches.

More than 20 distinguished guests spoke at the meeting, including H.E. Ambassador Zhou Yuxiao of the FOCAC Affairs, Chinese experts and scholars from Tsinghua University, Peking University, China Institute of International Studies, Shanghai Institute of International Studies and China-Africa Fund, as well as governments, think tanks and universities, including South African Presidential Office, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Human Science Research Council, Johannesburg University, the University of Abuja in Nigeria, the Central African Studies Commission in Ethiopia, and the Institute for Democratic Governance in Ghana, international organizations such as the United Nations Economic Commission and the University of London in the United Kingdom.


G7 Leaders' summit a success

11 June 2018

President Cyril Ramaphosa has concluded his working visit to Canada, where he participated in the G7 Leaders’ Outreach Summit, the Presidency said.

South Africa’s participation in the two-day session, which was held under the theme ‘Healthy, Productive and Resilient Oceans and Seas, Coasts and Communities’, was at the invitation of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

(Photo credit: GCIS)

“President Ramaphosa returns to South Africa greatly encouraged by the commitment by global leaders to harness the potential of our oceans for development and the very strong message from the G7 Outreach Summit to place youth and women in particular at the centre of efforts to make inequality history,” the Presidency said.

The President described the summit as a success and stressed the importance of the strong political signal delivered by the G7 Leaders’ Outreach focus on developing and implementing innovative strategies to leapfrog the global effort to address issues facing the world’s oceans, including stressors such as plastic pollution, building the resilience of coasts and communities, improving the protection of the world’s oceans and ensuring sustainable use of marine resources.




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