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The Coronacles of 2020

by Nazrana Jassat - The Barefoot Narrator

Consumed by greed
vanity and lust
Deceit and power
A world without trust

Divisions and walls
Stirring up hate
Polluting the earth
Tempting their fate

Slaves to a system
So fragile and thin
Where the masses suffer
And a small fraction win

Devouring content
Of InstaChat lives
Unplugging connection
With husbands and wives

Theft amongst kindred
Betrayals so deep
Humility lost
Yet pride comes cheap

Where value was pinned
Not on morals or truth
But in brands and status
And in keeping ones youth

Entrapped!! Locked Down!!
In a system so flawed
What would it take
To realize it’s a fraud!

Donning masks of illusion
Protecting a farce
Chasing a system
So endlessly sparse

Like Zombies on loop
Hearts empty and lost
Hardened and cold
Not realizing the cost...

... The cost of existing
Not living from soul
Or building a life
That embodied the whole

So frantic so fragile
The world was to see
That the life they were faking
Would never be free

Where purpose and passion
Were only for those
Who were strange and eccentric
And lived as they chose

Thus as time ticked on
The Universe planned
A change of direction
On a scale so grand

Never would we
In one hundred years
Witness such a great force
To unravel all fears

And as 2019
Drew the year to a close
Is precisely the moment
That nature chose...

...For a covert queen
To descend on man
And unleash a warning
Through the land of Wuhan

A warning to wipeout
The world that we know
To level the field
To ground zero

With stealth and with speed
She consumed her prey
Capturing innocents
In the broad light of day

Angry.... relentless
She moved like a light
Showing mankind
Her power and might

Like dominoes falling
The test had begun
Would humanity divide
Or unite as one?

First warnings of danger
Were labeled a Li!
They went unheard
Like a choked battle cry

As innocents fell
Only WHO took heed
A blind eye was turned
For selfish needs

And thus she was given
The gift of time
To slip across borders
And the victims to climb

From Wuhan to Tehran
To Bangkok and Rome
She colonized quicker than
Blighty’s old throne

Dividing and ruling
Sweeping all in her way
A colossal tsunami
Her wrath was at play

She discriminated
neither by status or race
Nor class or religion
Nor money or place

As the bare facts unfolded
Leaders forced to lockdown
Turning cities and streets
Into silent ghost towns

And the world went inside
And closed all their doors
Whilst Doctors and Nurses
Stayed out fighting wars

Battling on frontlines
Of hospital grounds
As bodies piled up
In great heaps and mounds

Yet... as all was unfolding
For the world to see
An orange haired eagle
So called Lord of the Free...

...Puffed out his chest
And laughed in her face
With greed and ignorance
They were led with disgrace

Was it denial
Or was it a plan
For money ranks higher
Than the health of man

Don’t panic oh mortals
It’s just a small flu
It will pass... like a miracle
In a week or two

What’s the fuss people
All is under control
I don’t understand
Why the big drum roll

Conspiracies sparked
And ignited the air
From 5G to Lab Leaks
To Bio Warfare

Divisions began
All were desperate to blame
Someone or something
To stay in the game

A daily band played
On Capitol Hill
With the lead trumpet blowing
All watched for the thrill

Journos and experts
Tried hard to find truth
Yet the wall that they met
Was bluntly uncouth

From one to one hundred
To millions and more
She claimed more lives
Than most ghastly wars

This invisible queen
Who descended on man
Was she a threat
Or a much greater plan?

For whilst half of the world
Was at home in lockdown
They surrendered control
And we’re forced to slowdown

To reflect on their lives
On the core of their souls
On their purpose and dreams
And passions and goals

Well that was the hope
As this time was unique
A time to reflect
On ones life so deep?

Indeed there were those
Who bonded and grew
Reflected on purpose
A priveledged few

Most had no leisure
To search for their souls
As they desperately needed
Some food for their bowls

The masses once more
Bore the brunt of the burn
Whilst the privileged few
Continued to earn...

Loved ones were lost
Corporates went bust
Livelihoods slashed
Small business was dust

And life as we knew it
Was never to be
The same as it was
Before Twenty Twenty

It will only be
By the Grace of the One
That after such difficulty
Surely Ease will come

The lessons she brings
Only time will show
Whether or not
She is friend or foe

Embrace the gifts
She has brought in this time
To reveal all truths
In a world filled with crimes

Crimes against innocents
Crimes against self
Where havoc trumps humanity
For the sake of wealth

Crimes deeply encrypted
In systems so old
Where color is coded by
Black, white or gold!

Where equality is measured
With raw primal tools
Holding back evolution
Trapping us as fools

Where the “I” is preserved
Over collective gain
And Ubuntu a philosophy
Discussed in vain

Corona... Oh Majesty
You are shedding your light
On greed and corruption
On power and plight

What we do from here on
Will define a new earth
Where our choices determine
If all kids will have worth

Oh brothers and sisters
I urge your embrace
Of this opportune time
To live on with grace

You are not the portrayal
Of the pain of your past
Of beliefs that will bind you
To failure so vast

Rid your masks of deception
And sanitize your soul
Stand in your truth
And embody your whole

Trust in the fact
That a soul never bears
A challenge that’s greater
Than them or their fears

Face the darkness within
So the light can shine through
You have all that you need
For your life to renew

From the light are we forged
To the light we belong
Let us never forget
We are actually ONE!




February/March 2020

















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