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Siberia Baikal Irkutsk
At the Center of Everything

19 August 2019

At the beginning of August, in the very center of the Eurasian continent, in Siberia near Lake Baikal in Irkutsk, rASiA Baikal 2019, a marathon of business events was held.

Photo: Ralph Simon, Chief Executive and Alexander Shulgin, Visionary, investor, composer

There were no major international forums and conferences in this place before, the nearest events were held one thousand kilometers to the west and four thousand kilometers to the east in Vladivostok. The initiator of the project, a recognized visionary, international investor and composer Alexander Shulgin understood that he was taking a risk: "I considered this idea as a startup. The first season went by and we created a working model for multifunctional collaboration between local entrepreneurs and innovators, but also cooperation between colleagues from all five continents and from BRICS countries. A successful investor who has invested in more than a hundred companies, including world-famous brands, was right this time. The events were a great success. More than a thousand participants, more than a hundred foreign experts and leaders from 44 countries, more than 50 speakers from 23 countries came to Irkutsk to start a new era in Siberia.

Photo: Mr. Sergey Sokol, Chairman of the Irkutsk Region's Legislative Assembly

At the opening ceremony of the events on the first day, Mr. Sergey Sokol, Chairman of the Irkutsk Region's Legislative Assembly, delivered a welcoming speech. "I am sure that the knowledge gained at the forum about the latest trends in innovation, tourism, volunteering and other areas will help us to set new goals and objectives, coordinate and improve the work aimed at the prosperity of the Irkutsk region and its residents,” said Sergei Sokol. “We are always ready to develop and will look forward to the results of the sessions in order to put the knowledge gained into practice and take another step forward." Irkutsk Region with its rich natural resources, scientific and human resources potential can claim to become a platform for the creation of the most advanced technologies and technologies of the future."
 Mr. Anton Logashev, Vice Governor, and Alexander Abramkin, Head of the Baikal Bank of Sberbank, also addressed the audience.

Photo: Mayenezeke Baza  preparing to explain the vision of the future of Africa

On the first day, the Plenary Investment Session was held with the Irkutsk Investment Development Agency of the Irkutsk Region as a partner. Discussion panels on the topics of fintec, tourism, future cities, volunteering and of course international cooperation was also successfully held. The main partner of the first day was the company AAA Entertainment from South Africa
Day two was a visionary day. SHULGIN is a global think tank of the world's best experts and leaders, held regularly in various countries since 2017. Previous meetings were held in Moscow, Hong Kong, Philippines, France, Guatemala and now in Irkutsk
Twenty-five lectures were given by key speakers on how the industrial sectors and services will develop technology, future of professions and training. And of course there were topics on the Future of Global Geopolitics and Industrialization, the Future of Lifestyles, the Future of Europe and Africa in 2035 and Decentralization of Africa 2.0  
Peter Ng , founder and CEO JD Mining with his keynote “ Let’s make mining sexy” and Plenary session lead by AIRIO
Jimmy Nguen, President of Bitcoin Association explain the benefits from Bitcoin SV and a Plenary session

On the third day however, decentralization played a major role, as Blockchain technology was the main technology. The day was called Baikal Blockcain & Crypto Summit. The most important companies of this rapidly developing sector -, Bitfury Group, Bitmain, Sigmapool,, and many others – participated at the Irkutsk event.

Photo: Alexander Shulgin with closing remarks after the three day marathon

Irkutsk is called the capital of cryptomining, where the cheapest electricity, cold, good fiber optic communication is good for skilled technicians from 15 technical academies in the city.  More than a thousand large and small miners are located in the region, which is about 40% of the global total. The Summit also discussed pressing topics as blockchain as a service, blockchain for enterprises and decentralized economies. The main partner of the day were Bitcoin Association and Bitcoin SV.
The events ended with a two-day trip to Baikal to learn about the region and culture, including local customs and meetings with shamans. They also predicted the successful future of rASiA Baikal events. The next rASiA Baikal 2020 and Baikal Blockchain & Crypto Summit is being planned for June 2020.




February/March 2020


















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