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The Year of Vikari Varusham

Iniya Tamizh Puthandu Nalvazhtugal the Year of Vikari (Love) Varusham to all.

The Trustees, Affiliates and the Executives of the Tamil Federation of Gauteng takes this opportunity in wishing you all that you desire.

As you walk this year through your many victories, trials, tribulations & moments of wonder, may Namashivaya walk alongside you, embracing all your worries and heartbreak, also sharing your glorious, golden moments made in heaven.

Bear in mind that life does not just happen. We have to build it with hard work, sacrifice, laughter, love, virtue, integrity & patience.  

Remember to give a thought  to the aged and our children in the forthcoming year, they need your guidance, love & compassion. Your good deeds always remain imprinted in the minds & hearts of those whom you serve.

May you have a year filled with love, truth, peace & happiness.

We sincerely pray for your well being & prosperity in this New Year .... 5120. The Year of “Love”

May the success of your future endeavours reverberate throughout the universe.  


Kovelin Veramoothoo, President Tamil Federation Of Gauteng



July/August 2019









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