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Algeria National Day

1 November 2017

Ambassador Abd-El-Naceur Belaid of Algeria hosted a reception to celebrate the 63rd Anniversary of the launching of the Algerian Revolution. He said that it was the 63rd anniversary of First November 1954, the day of the launch of the armed struggle of liberation of the Algerian people after 124 years of extreme colonial violence.

Photo: Ambassador Belaid and Deputy Minister Inkosi Patekile Holomisa of Labour of the Republic of South Africa raising a toast

Ambassadir Belaid said that the celebration of the First November Revolution coincided, this year, with the celebration of South Africa of the hundredth anniversary of the birth of the icon Oliver Reginald Tambo.

Algeria and the Algerian people associate themselves with this event not only to pay tribute to this great anti apartheid militant and proud and committed panafricanist, he said, they do so also because the late Oliver Tambo had revolutionary and personally, strong ties with Algeria.

Speech by Ambassador Abd-El-Naceur Belaid of Algeria

Today we celebrate the 63rd anniversary of First November 1954, the day when was launched the armed struggle of liberation of the Algerian people after 124 years of an extreme colonial violence that our national cause militant, Frantz FANON, eloquently described over a specific period of history.

This milestone in the history of the Algerian nation and the nations, more particularly African, having suffered the same scourge of colonialism is a message to humanity. It is so emblematic that my country made it its official national day before the proclamation of its independence on 5 July 1962, resulting from a very high price of Martyrs and sufferings.

The liberation struggle of the Algerian people is also known as an Algerian revolution for the national liberating fight has been undertaken on the grounds of an ideological program of political and social emancipation as well as human and peoples’ freedom and a vision of an Africa, respected and master of its own destiny.

The total liberation of Africa has been and remains among the main creeds that the independent Algeria endorsed including in strong adversity contexts.

We can only commend the historic achievements accomplished by the African peoples to recover their freedom and their dignity. It is with the same satisfaction that we observe that Africa, faithful to itself, stands with the Sahrawi people and the Palestinian people in their legitimate struggle.

Ladies and Gentlemen

The celebration of the First November Revolution coincides, this year, with the celebration by our sister South Africa of the hundredth anniversary of the birth of the icon Oliver Reginald TAMBO.

Algeria and the Algerian people associate themselves with this event not only to pay tribute to this great anti apartheid militant and proud and committed panafricanist. They do so also for the late Oliver TAMBO had revolutionary and personal strong ties with Algeria.

Oliver TAMBO has been a great architect in the consecration of the common values and principles between Algeria and South Africa whether it is the shared attachment to the right of the peoples to self determination or the place of Africa in the world as well as the values of humanism embodied by the African peoples fight. This fight, ultimately, remains a precious contribution to the quest for freedom, justice and universal harmony. In one way or the other, the same struggle contributed to the reconciliation of humanity with itself.

From that perspective, the sincere solidarity expressed by the late Oliver TAMBO, notably during his meetings with the Sahrawi leadership and people, is written down in golden letters in the history of our continent. On the occasion of his visit to the Sahrawi refugee camps, in July 1988, Oliver TAMBO declared: “We, the ANC, will continue to support your struggle by all necessary means, in order for both our just causes to triumph”.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Today as in the past, Algeria and South Africa are two countries deeply attached to the defense of the same values, African and universal. Builders of peace in their close regional environment and beyond, the two countries are committed to the same ideals and principles founding a policy of shared actions at the service of the independence of the African decision and of peace, stability and security in our continent. Actors of the emergence of Africa, Algeria and South Africa work together to meet the requirements of development and integration of our continent, respectful of other regional groupings and in mutual interest with them. An illustration of this approach is the fact the two countries are among the initiators of NEPAD. The Agenda 2063 of the African Union is a new instrument around which Algeria and South Africa are combining their efforts for the sake of Africa progress.

Our two countries are linked by a strategic, deep and holistic partnership. Our political relations are excellent. This exceptional quality of our relations covers various fields of cooperation. At the economic level, and animated by a common will, Algeria and South Africa are currently working to establish a strong and sustainable partnership in order to take advantage of the tremendous existing potentialities and complementarities favored notably by the economic evolutions in the two countries. It is symptomatic, in this respect, that the South African operators formed the largest contingent at the African Investment and Trade Forum in Algiers in December 2016.

New perspectives of economic partnership are offered in Algeria thanks to the new decisions about the diversification of the national economy and the promotion of various forms of investment. Despite the decrease in the oil prices during the last years but thanks to the anticipated reimbursement of the foreign debt as well as to the accumulation of substantial exchange reserves, Algeria is maintaining significant infrastructure projects and social programs including the massive construction of houses.

New opportunities of partnership exist in natural resources as well as agriculture, renewable energy and tourism. As regards, for example, the big projects of development of the Saharan agriculture, I am pleased to mention the success of a South African company specialized in irrigation means and techniques.

The common challenge for our two countries is to elevate our economic and trade relations to the level of our political relations. It is the will not only of the two governments but also the economic and trade operators.

A South African economic and trade mission deemed fruitful and promising by the South African partner, has just visited Algiers. A bigger source of satisfaction is that Algerian and South Africa private companies have initiated, during the last years, a dynamic of direct relations. Significant activities are also planned to reinforce the economic and trade cooperation between our two countries in the upcoming months.

At the cultural level, I will just recall that, during the year 2017 alone, a South African cultural season was organized in Algeria. An Algerian cultural season is scheduled for the beginning of the year 2018. At this precise moment, South Africa is the Guest of honour of the International Book Fair of Algiers.

In the field of labour and social Affairs, there is no need, Mister Deputy Minister, to recall the rich bilateral cooperation existing between our two countries.

These few examples about the density of the Algerian South African bonds are, from my point of view, the perfect illustration of the attention and the interest that Algeria and South Africa grant to deepening their relations.

Our necessary and legitimate ambition is that the density of our bilateral relations serves the aspirations of Africa for greater development and integration.

Thanking you again for your presence at the National day of Algeria, I invite you, distinguished guests. to raise a toast for the friendship between Algeria and South Africa and the health of their Excellencies Presidents Abdelaziz BOUTEFLIKA and Jacob Gedleyihlekisa ZUMA and the bonds of historic friendship between Algeria and South Africa.




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