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Cooking Sri Lankan cuisine

7 November 2017

On 27 October Champa Weerasekara, spouse of the Sri Lankan High Commissioner in Pretoria hosted a cooking demonstration and luncheon at her official residence. Members of the International Diplomatic Spouses Association (IDSA) attended the event.

Guests were welcomed by Mrs Weerasekara donned in traditional African dress and by Ms Paula Nkwana, Sri Lankan High Commission, who was wearing a traditional Sri Lankan sari.

Mrs Weerasekara demonstrated the making of 'pol roti', a very Sri Lankan dish. This is coconut roti which is a meal in itself with a pat of butter. The hostess explained that it is mainly eaten for breakfast but can also be eaten for dinner. One can therefore enjoy it as is or add jam for sweetness or add chopped onion and chili to the dough if you want your roti to be spicy.








Guests were also shown how to make string hoppers which are made from a dough of rice flour. Typically red rice flour is used which gives the string hoppers a beautiful red colour. Guests were given the opportunity to press out circlets from a string mould onto little wicker mats. These were then steamed and the light and lacy string hoppers were served for lunch together with pol roti and an array of delicious Sri Lankan curries and accompaniments.


IDSA held their Annual General Meeting in the middle of October where a new board was elected. Monde Mwamba of Zambia is the new president and Davorka Prelog of Croatia is the new vice president.

At this meeting the members bode farewell to Champa Weerasekara who will be leaving South Africa in early January 2018.


The recipe for Pol Roti

2 cups grated fresh coconut
2.5 cups flour (wheat or atta flour)
1 cup water
1 tsp salt
Butter (optional)
Butter or oil for frying

1. Add salt to coconut. Mix flour in gradually adding water
2. Form into balls
3.Flatten the ball into the shape of a roti
4. Place into a flat pan with some butter or oil. Cook until both sides become a light brown colour.
5. Serve hot

By Anisha Pemjee





February/March 2020








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