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From the Core of the Earth to the Sun

Guayaquil, August 2017

Millán Ludeña is chasing after a new personal challenge that gives him the possibility to register the first sports GUINNESS WORLD RECORD® for Ecuador, where he will be exposed to extreme conditions in two points of the planet,  starting from the closest point to the center of the earth in South Africa at the Mponeng gold mine, which goes 3240 meters deep, to the closest to the sun in Ecuador at 6240 meters, at the summit of Chimborazo, a dormant volcano in Ecuador.

Photo: Chimborazo, a dormant volcano in Ecuador

Ludeña is a passionate Ecuadorian young man from the city of Guayaquil who believes that the size of success depends on the size of the sacrifice, a belief that has made him one of the 14 people in the world who has run the most difficult ultra-marathons in the world: The "Marathon Des Sables" in the Sahara Desert and the "Antarctic Ice Marathon" in Antarctica.



This extreme racing enthusiast again challenges himself to receive the first sports GUINNESS WORLD RECORD® for Ecuador, running 21 km in two of the most extreme points of the planet. The experience will be documented in FROM CORE TO SUN with the support of the producer Levector.

After a period of preparation of several months, the Ecuadorian will travel to South Africa on August 16 to finalize details of his 3-day challenge, which will begin on August 20 at the Mponeng gold mine and culminate at the top of Chimborazo.

On August 20, Ludeña will descend into the mine and run a half marathon at 4,000 meters in extreme conditions of temperature and humidity, then ascend, take a flight and return to Ecuador, where on August 22 he will run 15 km to the first Hut in the Chimborazo, culminating in the ascent to the summit of the volcano, reaching the point closest to the sun, overcoming his fears to achieve his goal and registering for Ecuador the first sports GUINNESS WORLD RECORD®.

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