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Argentina in Nampo: No Till System and Outcomes of the Ongoing Collaboration in South Africa

6 June 2017

A delegation of 14 companies travelled from Argentina to the Nampo Harvest Day Fair in Bothaville, South Africa, in a visit organized jointly by Invest and Trade Argentina Agency, EXPONENCIAR S.A. and the Embassy of Argentina in South Africa, with the financial support of ICBC Bank. The National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA, acrostic in Spanish), the Argentine Chamber of Agricultural Machinery (CAFMA), the Cluster of small and medium size companies dedicated to agricultural equipment (CIDETER) and the Government of Santa Fe province were also part of the Argentina Delegation.

Argentina, which has participated in the last nine editions, once again was the foreign country with the biggest presence at NAMPO Harvest Day, Africa's largest agricultural trade show.

In addition to participating in the fair, on Saturday 20th May a Farmer´s Day, organized by the Argentine Delegation, was held in the field of the South African producer Ericsem Vilhelm, who was in charge of a technical talk, describing the positive impact of no-till farming after 8 years without tillage. After that, there was a field trip through unharvested crops showcasing the impact of no till farming and cover crops and a guided display of exhibited farming machinery from Argentina, with a dynamic demonstration of sowing and harvesting.

At the end of the day, the assistants received a descriptive summary in English about the visited field, physical and economical results of no-till farming in pilot fields during 2011/14, a video about no-till farming in English, Portuguese and Afrikaans and a publication in English, Portuguese and Afrikaans on no-till farming and the Argentine production system, elaborated by INTA/MINAGRO/CAFMA.

Comparative studies in the field of Argentine no tillage technology for crop production in South Africa were initiated in 2008 through the signing of the "Agreement between GRAIN SA, CAFMA (Argentine Chamber of Agricultural Machinery), CIDETER (Cluster of small and medium size companies dedicated to agricultural equipment) and INTA (National Institute of Agricultural Technology)". This instrument –that includes Argentine public and private sector- was renewed in 2011. A second update of the Agreement was signed during the NAMPO Fair (May 2017).

This agreement placed Argentina as a competitive bidder for a sustainable agricultural production system in South Africa, contributing to the increase of adoption of Argentinean agricultural technology (machinery, inputs, and agroparts -seeders, precision agriculture, silo-bags, inoculants, fertilizers and electric fencing, among others). It should be noted that according to recent data, South African imports from Argentina accounted for more than 90% of the total number of planters sold to the African continent.

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