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Connecting to your roots

Connecting to your roots

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7 May 2024 Issue 314 - Connecting to your roots




South African National Day

The Vice Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, H.E. Mr. Chen Xiaodong was the Guest of Honour and Dr Siyabonga Cwele, Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa to the People’s Republic of China - SA Embassy

The Embassy of the Republic of South Africa in Beijing hosted the National Day Reception on 26 April 2024 to mark the 30th Anniversary of Freedom. The theme of the celebrations is “30 Years of Democracy, Partnership and Growth”. The Vice Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, H.E. Mr. Chen Xiaodong was the Guest of Honour who graced the occasion by his presence. Members of the Diplomatic Corps, the Special Representative of the African Union (AU) and Representatives of the United Nations (UN) Agencies as well as captains of industries attended the event.

AfriColombia – Sankofa – 30 Years
Ambassador Rojas addressing guests 

The undeniable correlation between cause and effect finds vivid expression in the Sankofa dance performance, marking three decades of unwavering diplomatic ties between Colombia and South Africa. The occasion, commemorated with a reception hosted by the Embassy of Colombia in South Africa at the State Theatre in Pretoria, resonated with the spirit of camaraderie and shared heritage.
Ambassador to South Africa, María del Rosario Mina Rojas said, "Today, the Embassy of Colombia in South Africa proudly stands as a testament to Colombia's earnest commitment to bridging the historical chasms that have kept our peoples apart. We acknowledge the imperative of acknowledging our shared history and cultures, moving beyond indifference or oppression towards a future intertwined by mutual understanding and cooperation. As we celebrate three decades of diplomatic relations with South Africa, we renew our pledge to Pan-African principles and Ubuntu, embracing its people as partners on our collective journey."

Zimbabwe at 44- Unity, Peace and Development - Vision 2030

The commemorative cake cutting ceremony - Ambassador Hamadziripi, Deputy Minister Bapela and Dr Jessica Hamadziripi  (photo: TDS)
As Zimbabwe celebrates its 44th National Day of Independence, it's a time to reflect on the journey of a nation marked by resilience, challenges, and aspirations for a brighter future. From the euphoria of liberation to the complexities of nation-building, Zimbabwe's path has been shaped by both triumphs and trials.
Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to South Africa David Hamadziripi called for the lifting of illegal sanctions imposed by certain Western nations. This call, which is at the forefront of Zimbabwe's current narrative, was echoed by Deputy Minister Obed Bapela of the Ministry of Public Enterprises for South Africa at the 44th Republic Day reception hosted in Pretoria, South Africa. These sanctions, initially imposed in the early 2000s, have been a contentious issue, often cited as a major hindrance to Zimbabwe's economic growth and development. On this auspicious occasion, there's a renewed plea to the international community to reconsider these sanctions, recognizing the strides made by Zimbabwe in addressing past grievances and advancing towards a more inclusive and prosperous future.


Sharing Burundi’s Vision 2040
The Embassy of Burundi in Pretoria, South Africa organized a Gala Dinner for the Heads of Diplomatic Missions accredited to South Africa as well as the business community residing in Gauteng Province, South Africa. The aim of this activity was to raise awareness of, and disseminate information about the Vision of Burundi, an Emerging Country in 2040 and a Developed Country in 2060 under the theme:  ‘INVEST IN BURUNDI THROUGH ITS VISION: BURUNDI AN EMERGING COUNTRY IN 2040 AND DEVELOPED COUNTRY IN 2060’.
After welcoming guests Ambassador of Burundi to South Africa, Mr Alexis Bukuru observed a minute of silence in memory of Burundi’s late President Cyprien Ntaryamira who was assassinated 30 years ago on 6 April 1994.  Ntaryamira was seen to be a visionary leader who worked tirelessly towards peace and unity in the country.

Pandor welcomes Egypt into family of BRICS nations
(Pictured l-r) Ambassador Ahmed Elfadly of Egypt to South Africa, Minister Sameh Shoukry, Minister Naledi Pandor and Ambassador Ntsiki Mashimbye of South Africa to Egypt  

South Africa's International Relations and Cooperation Minister, Dr Naledi Pandor, has welcomed Egypt into the family of BRICS nations.
“This development further enhances the role the South plays in global matters,” she said. Pandor was speaking in Pretoria where she was co-chairing the 10th Session of the Joint Commission for Cooperation (JCC) with her counterpart, Egypt Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sameh Shoukry.
Shoukry emphasized Egypt's aspiration for an active role within BRICS, aiming to collaborate closely with South Africa to address common challenges through joint action.
The two Ministers agreed that South Africa and Egypt need to exponentially increase trade and investment. 


USA and Israel’s politicians a threat to their nations own security

In the tumultuous landscape of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, recent events have ignited a fervent call for change, both within the region and beyond. The chorus of dissent against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his administration echoes through the streets of Israel, with thousands demanding accountability for alleged war crimes and corruption. Simultaneously, across the United States, a wave of protests disrupts the status quo, fuelled by a growing awareness of the deceptive practices of political elites and the erosion of democratic principles. The public dissention has exposed the corrupt lobby system rendering the process futile.
At the heart of the matter lies the declining reputation of the United States as an honest broker in the region and on the global stage. For decades, the U.S. has wielded considerable influence in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, often positioning itself as a mediator for peace. However, the perception of impartiality has been eroded by the glaring disparity in treatment, particularly in the form of billions of dollars in aid to Israel, approved by the U.S. Congress. This financial support, while ostensibly aimed at bolstering Israel's security, has raised questions about the true motivations behind such largesse and its impact on perpetuating the status quo. It has created a skewed development of Israel and a false sense of achievement and growth. Had the equal amount of aid, assistance and military support been extended to Palestine, the developments would have been similar and peace would have been maintained due to equitable military strength among other social and religious circumstances. 


Russia’s Technological Prowess – The Challenge


Russian Ambassador Ilya Rogachev addressing guests at the movie night (photo: TDS)

Russia has added to its long list of pioneering feats in space with the movie The Challenge which premiered on World Cosmonautics Day, marking the 62nd anniversary of the first human space flight by Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, on 12 April 2023 at the State Kremlin Palace in Moscow Kremlin.
The Challenge was screened by the Russian Embassy in South Africa for this month’s movie night. Ambassador Ilya Rogachev of the Russian Federation said that the film, directed by Klim Shipenko,  was truly unique as it is the first professionally made fiction film that features professional actors shot in space. Klim Shipenko and actor Yulia Peresild became the first ever film crew to boldly venture into outer space where they filmed more than 30 hours of footage across 12 days for The Challenge. They rocketed to the International Space Station from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan in a Russian Soyuz accompanied by Russian cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov. 


ASEAN's IDSA Coffee Morning 
The ASEAN countries represented in South Africa, viz. Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam hosted a Coffee Morning for the International Diplomatic Spouses Association (IDSA). As Chair of the ASEAN Pretoria Committee, Ambassador Hoang Sy Cuong of Vietnam welcomed the gathering as an opportunity for engagement as well as to showcase the rich culture and diversity of the ASEAN nations. 
He said that ASEAN is a dynamic community striving for peace, prosperity and happiness for its people as well as for better cooperation with its partners globally.  He also thanked Madam Dyah Krisnawan, spouse of the Indonesian Ambassador, for her hospitality as the stalls were sprawled across the lawns of the Indonesian Ambassador’s residence in Pretoria. 

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