Junior Border Guards Intercept Substantial Amount of Money at Qashasnek Port of Entry

 Money concealed in black plastic bags found (photo credit: BMA Junior Border Guards)

28 June 2024

The Commissioner of the Border Management Authority (BMA), Dr Michael Masiapato has commended the latest interception by the Junior Border Guards at Qashasnek port of entry on 25 June 2024, where five travellers were found in possession of huge amounts of money concealed in black plastic bags. 

During a joint operation between the BMA, members of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) and the South African Police (SAPS), a vehicle was stopped for searching as part of a routine check at a Vehicle Check Point (VCP) of a Bi-National operation between South Africa and Lesotho.  Five Lesotho nationals were in the vehicle and four were found to be previously declared undesirable and had been banned from entering the country in terms of the Immigration Act. 

The above-mentioned persons were searched and found to be in possession of concealed South African currency worth R1,480,050.00. The four who did not have the requisite documents were arrested for being in South Africa illegally and a case was opened. The money which was counted, and underwent counterfeit verifications, was then deposited into the state bank account pending further investigations on the matter.

Commissioner Masiapato has again commended the crime prevention contributions of BMA officials at Qashasnek port of entry and their detection systems. The Commissioner has confirmed that BMA has adopted a zero-tolerance approach to criminal or unlawful activities at all ports of entry.  

"As the Commissioner of the Border Management Authority, I am committed to ensuring the safety and security of our nation. To this end, we have adopted a zero-tolerance approach to criminal activities at our ports of entry. We will rigorously enforce the law and take decisive action against any illegal activities to maintain the integrity of our borders. The Junior Border Guards continue to display great effort in protecting our country. Their dedication and hard work are vital in maintaining the safety and integrity of our nation," stated Commissioner Masiapato.

As we conclude Youth month, the Border Management Authority has celebrated the work of Border Guards and officials within the BMA who continue to embody the spirit of commitment and service.  Commissioner Masiapato has warned that any individuals caught engaging in criminal behaviour, will face the full might of the law. 

Border Management Authority

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