World Sustainable Development Goals Organization Appoints Ngodu Mamsy as South Africa's Country Representative

Dr. Ngodu Solange Mamsy as South Africa’s Country Representative

18 June 2024

The International Non-Governmental Organization, World Sustainable Development Goals Organization,, which operates across the entire UN member nations, saddled with the responsibilities of implementing the global goals, 17 SDGs, and curbing human trafficking, has appointed a South African, H.E. Dr. Ngodu Solange Mamsy to head the South Africa affairs stating that all targets of the 17 SDGs are a must achieve, stressing on the need for an inclusive approach to making the world a better place.

According to the letter of appointment dated 22nd May 2024, signed by the Global Chairman, Board of Trustees, World Sustainable Development Goals Organization, Chief Samson Adeosun, the Global Secretary-General, Advisory Council, H.E. Wajdi Aref Moukarim and the Global Founder, H.E. Emmanuel Huleji Daudu urged H. E. Dr. Ngodu Solange Mamsy to take her new office seriously to ensure that her quarter is contributed in impacting positively on lives within her scope of duty in South Africa. Until her appointment, she was an international gender activist with many organisations under her watch as a founder in South Africa.

The SDGs are a set of global goals adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015. They aim to address various social, economic, and environmental challenges faced by the world, including poverty, inequality, climate change, and biodiversity loss.

Dr. Ngodu Solange Mamsy’s role as the South Africa Country Representative will involve raising awareness about the SDGs, promoting their implementation, and fostering partnerships between different stakeholders, including the government, civil society organizations, politicians, business tycoons and the private sector.

Similarly, Dr Ngodu Solange Mamsy will be expected to work closely with the South African government, South Africa's United Nations body, and all of its agencies to align national policies and strategies with the SDGs. This collaboration will ensure that South Africa progresses towards sustainable development by integrating the goals into national agendas and decision-making processes.

By assuming this position, Her Excellency Dr. Ngodu Solange Mamsy has a significant responsibility to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development in South Africa. The appointment reflects her expertise and dedication to the field, and it is hoped that her efforts, with the support of various stakeholders, will lead to positive and transformative change in the country.

The letter, giving details on the aims and objectives of the organization, stated that the international NGO is aimed at promoting development and economic goals in all the UN member nations.

“To work within the scope of the I 7goals of Sustainable Development Goals within the member nations of UN which are: end poverty, end hunger, ensure healthy lives and promote well-being, ensure quality education, achieve gender equality, ensure sustainable water and sanitation, ensure reliable energy, promote economic growth, build resilient infrastructure, foster innovative and infrastructure, reduce inequality within and among countries, ensure sustainable consumption and production pattern, combat climate change, conserved and sustainable use of oceans, seas, marine resources for sustainable development.

“To empower youths globally with sustainable skill: focusing on youth development, gender and environmental sustainability.

“To support the adopted global goals (Sustainable Development Goals) to end poverty, protect the plant, and ensure prosperity for all across all UN member nations

” To inspire and educate youths and women to actively contribute to improving local and global issues affecting development on education, sustainability, health, environment and peacebuilding.

“To encourage purposeful leadership for the development of the people and society.

“To foster global development through integrated approach towards the Challenges facing development globally: good health, food, shelter, poverty alleviation, quality education, environment, peacebuilding, child abuse and human trafficking, youth and women empowerment and mentoring”.

While congratulating Dr. Ngodu Solange Mamsy on her new appointment, the signatories to the 23 pages of the appointment letter have this to say, “Congratulations on your appointment. This is indeed a remarkable achievement and a testament to your hard work, dedication, and expertise in the field of sustainable development.

“Your new role as the country Representative carries immense responsibility, as you will be at the forefront of promoting and advocating for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in South Africa. With your wealth of knowledge and experience, we have no doubt that you will excel in this position and make significant contributions towards addressing the pressing environmental, social, and economic challenges facing the country.

“Your appointment serves as an inspiration to all of us who believe in the urgency and importance of sustainable development. Your passion and commitment to creating a more sustainable and equitable future will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on South Africa and its people.

“We are confident that you will use your leadership skills to effectively engage with stakeholders, collaborate with government agencies, and mobilize resources towards sustainable development initiatives. Your efforts will further strengthen South Africa’s commitment to the global sustainable development agenda and undoubtedly bring about positive change in the lives of its citizens.

“Once again, congratulations on this well-deserved appointment. May this new role be a rewarding and fulfilling journey for you, and may you continue to be a beacon of inspiration for others. Your contribution towards sustainable development in South Africa is invaluable, and we are excited to see the positive impact you will bring."

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