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The 2024 Jiachen Year of the Dragon Gathering
The financial services sector of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region was successfully held
By Wu Lu - Henan

The 2024 Chinese New Year of the Dragon Gathering for the Financial Services Sector in Hong Kong was held on 20 February 2024

21 February 2024

Addressing the gathering Financial Secretary of Hong Kong, Paul Chan said that in the past, Hong Kong stocks have performed well in the Year of the Dragon, and this year the market has favorable conditions, and some fund managers are thinking about how to make corresponding arrangements.
Financial Secretary of Hong Kong, Paul Chan
Hong Kong Legislative Council member Li Weiwang
Speaking at the ceremony, Hong Kong Legislative Council member Li Weiwang said, "In the face of challenges, Hong Kong's financial services industry needs to overcome difficulties and reach new heights by exploring new markets, continuing to reform and promoting diversified development."

Li Weihong pointed out that as a member of the Greater Bend Area, Hong Kong's total economic scale is close to the world's 10th largest economy, and it has huge potential for financial development. As a super value-added player connecting the country and the world, Hong Kong believes that it will be able to attract different overseas funds from countries and regions along the Belt and Road, such as ASEAN, and revitalize the market.
Ms. Hu Fan, Chairman of Hong Kong Wells Fargo Group

Ms. Hu Fan, Chairperson of Hong Kong Wells Fargo Group, at the group visit said, "Thank you to the Hong Kong Government and the Financial Association for their support and love to Wells Fargo Financial Group. As a financial services company, we conscientiously implement the policies of the district government, strictly abide by the system of the Financial Association, actively participate in the meeting, maintain good competition in the format, work together with the same industry to serve individuals and enterprises, encourage Chinese enterprises to take the road of international development, and provide good financial services for Chinese enterprises to go out and develop. Marketing, finance, legal affairs, logistics and other talents provide one-stop services for Chinese enterprise brands to go overseas, and expand the popularity and influence of Chinese brands overseas."

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