Chinese Jun porcelain artist Wang Zhongquan - let the light of life bloom in the art furnace
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Wang Zhongquan

16 February 2024
Overseas Chinese around the world, international friends at home and abroad: everyone is auspicious in the Year of the Dragon, in good health, smooth in work, and evergreen.

My name is Wang Zhongquan, male, Han nationality, member of the Communist Party of China, born in August 1954, ancestral home in Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province, graduated from Henan University with a major in history, once served as a soldier, taught, and did the administrative work of the school, and am currently a national senior arts and crafts artist, a red classic inheritor, an internationally registered senior ceramic appraiser, a member of the Chinese Qin and Han Dynasty History Research Association, vice president of Henan Jun Porcelain Culture Research Association, vice president of Xuchang China Jun Porcelain Collectors Association, vice president of Xuchang Arts and Crafts Association, an expert in the evaluation and appraisal of the works of Junguan kiln of the Republic of China, the art director of Xuchang Huazun Ceramic Art Design Co., Ltd., and the director of Huaxia Jun Porcelain Museum. I am nearly 70 years old this year, and the four things I am most proud of in my life are: first, I am a Chinese, second, I am a member of the Communist Party of China, third, I am a former Chinese soldier, and fourth, I am a scholar engaged in the study of Jun kiln and an artist who creates Jun porcelain works.

Why do I put being a Chinese first? Because I was born in the fifties, when the new China had just been established for five years, to the sixties when I was sensible. Our cities were not as good as today's remote towns, and our countryside still continued thousands of years of farming life, in the long river of history, a few decades may be just a short moment, but in the following decades let me really witness how our country changed from an agrarian society step by step to the great process of the world's modern power. Looking at today's world, who dares to underestimate China. China is at the mercy of others. Gone are the days of humiliation! This is not the second in the world, but the only one. So I am proud that I am Chinese, and I am even prouder that I was born in such a great era of change. Our generation is the happiest generation in China for thousands of years, because history has allowed us to witness China's miraculous development and miraculous changes.

It is in this great course that I profoundly realize that all the great achievements that China has made today are inseparable from the great leadership of the Communist Party of China: in 1921, when the first congress of the Communist Party of China was attended by only 13 people, in just 28 years, it defeated the Japanese invaders, destroyed the rotten Kuomintang regime, established the People's Republic of China, and spent more than 70 years to build China into a powerful China. In the 60s of the last century, China set the development goal of surpassing Britain in 50 years and catching up with the United States in 100 years, and today it seems that China has achieved all the set goals ahead of schedule, and history has once again proved the greatness of the Communist Party of China. So how can I not be proud as an ordinary party member under the leadership of the party?

Being a soldier is the most youthful memory of my life. I became a soldier at the age of 16, which lasted for 6 years, although the conditions were very difficult at that time, but it made me understand the mission and responsibility of the soldier, and understand what is the feelings of family and country? At the same time, it also tempered my spirit and fighting spirit of "one is not afraid of hardship and two is not afraid of death", and to this day, my feelings, qualities and ambitions as a former Chinese soldier have not faded and changed in my memory and my actions.

In the eighties of the twentieth century, I began to collect Jun porcelain. So far there are thousands of pieces of Jun porcelain. In the nineties I began to study Jun porcelain and after 2000 I began to create Jun porcelain, wrote a number of research articles on Jun porcelain, made a monograph on "Chinese Jun porcelain appreciation". Jun porcelain is my life, from youth to middle age, towards old ag. In more than 10 years, I have created more than 30 pieces of Jun porcelain new vessel types. Among them, more than 20 pieces have applied for national design patents and national intellectual property rights: the works created are collected by national leaders, selected into full-time eighth-grade art textbooks, and permanently collected by the National Museum of China, the Great Hall of the People, and the Memorial Hall of the First National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and some as diplomatic gifts, etc. All of which have been deeply marked by Jun porcelain art in my life trajectory, so I am grateful to Jun porcelain. It is Jun porcelain that has enriched my life experience - so that I have the collection of Jun porcelain, research Jun porcelain and the opportunity to create Jun porcelain.

Academic achievements - in terms of historical research, under the tutelage of Professor Zhu Shaohou of the Department of History of Heda University, focusing on the history of agricultural economy in the Qin and Han dynasties. He has successively published many academic papers in the national core journal "Chinese History Research", provincial journals "Journal of Henan University", "Agricultural Archaeology", and "Journal of Xuchang University": "Qin and Han Dynasty" Zhong, Hu and Shi "New Examination", "Early Han Dynasty" Large and Small Mu "Parallel Debate", "Xuchang Rice Planting History Examination" and many other academic papers, and has made remarkable achievements in historical research. Theory and Practice of Office Work (co-editor), Textbook of Ancient Chinese History (Editor-in-Chief) and Textbook of Modern Chinese History (Associate Editor), etc.

In terms of Jun kiln research: in 2005, the editor-in-chief of the Hong Kong Tianma Publishing House published "Chinese Jun porcelain appreciation". This book is illustrated in simple terms, the side of the expedition is self-contained, is the earliest Jun porcelain monograph on each collection of Jun porcelain works for professional review of the book, especially in the preface of this book for the first time put forward the concept of "the Republic of the official Jun kiln", clearly the 20th century in the 50s to 80s of Yuzhou Shenyuan Town's "Jun Porcelain Factory", "Jun Porcelain Factory", "Jun Porcelain Factory", "State-owned Porcelain Factory", "Dongfeng Porcelain Factory" As well as in the nineties by the Yuzhou Municipal Government to invest in the establishment of the "Jun Porcelain Research Institute" and other five units as the "Republic of Jun Kiln" of the basic team, this reference to the later "China Jun Porcelain Four Seas", "Republic of Jun Kiln Tour Exhibition" provides a theoretical reference and action basis. In 2014, the Ministry of Culture officially confirmed the concept of "Republic of Jun Kiln".

In 2016, the debate between "Lu Jun" and "Lu Jun" published in the fourth issue of the Journal of Xuchang University "through a large number of data research, field research, physical research and other methods, the firing age of Shenyuan Lu Jun has been advanced by more than 300 years: it has solved the long-standing debate between "Jingdezhen Lujun" and "Shenyuan Lu Jun".
Representative works

"Sheng Shizun" was designed in 2011 and awarded the silver medal of the 12th "Hundred Flowers Award" of China Arts and Crafts Association in 2012.

"Guoweizun" was designed and produced in 2011, selected as a full-time eighth-grade art textbook in 2013, and collected by the National Museum of China and the Great Hall of the People in 2015.

Starry Night Song

China Zun
"Starry Sky Nocturne" and "China Zun", designed in 2015, were selected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as national gifts in 2019.

Make it tidal

Aim high

Dragon and Phoenix Ding

Reclining Buddha
"Rising Tide", "Lofty Aspirations", "Dragon and Phoenix Ding" and "Reclining Buddha" were jointly created with Pei Yongzhong, a master of Chinese arts and crafts, among which "Rising Tide" and "Lofty Aspirations" were used as special gifts for the 40 years of Shenzhen's reform and opening up.

"Sun Moon Lake" 2015-2017 as a special gift for China Jun porcelain four seas

"Five Peaks Qingtian" is a special work designed by the China Taoist Association

Chinese Spirit

Stand out from the crowd

Centennial Greatness
The three works "Chinese Spirit", "Proud of the Best" and "Centennial Great Cause" are made to commemorate the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, and will be permanently collected by the Memorial Hall of the First National Congress of the Communist Party of China in Shanghai and the Contemporary China Think Tank in 2023.

The spirit of the army

Military prestige
"The Soul of the Army" and "Military Prestige" were made for the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People's Liberation Army and are permanently collected by military-level units.

"The Belt and Road of Chinese Style" was created in 2017 and collected by national leaders

Drunk Jiangnan Han style

Drunk Tang Yun of Jiangnan

Drunk Jiangnan Song Yi

Drunk Jiangnan Qingzhan
"Drunken Jiangnan's Series of Tea Ware" will be established in 2023, "Drunken Jiangnan's Han Style", "Drunken Jiangnan's Tang Rhyme", "Drunken Jiangnan's Song Yi", and "Drunken Jiangnan's Qingzhan" will be selected as CCTV'‖s new media live streaming platform in December 2023 for their unique creative concept and artistic style.

The 2023 design of "Gongquan Pot", with its profound meaning and beautiful appearance, has entered the trial firing stage.


1. Adhere to the perfect integration of originality and uniqueness, solid innovation, creative novelty, such as the series of tea ware works named after "Drunk Jiangnan", in the design concept of fresh, beautiful, subtle, ethereal as the starting point, not only reflects the brand value, but also has cultural implantation, but also has a sense of picture beauty, both to people's visual aesthetics and inner induction have a strong attraction and impact: Another example is the work of "Army Soul", which is a work with the theme of the army, which places a cotton military hat on a high mountain, It tells people not to forget history, remember the martyrs, cherish the present, and open up the future:

2. Adhere to the high unity of ideology and artistry, as a work of art, no matter what cultural connotation is implanted, and no matter whether your shape is complex or simple, the first thing to reflect is the beauty of the work. Only pleasing works can make people fall in love; Only works of art that are integrated with the trend of the times can reflect commercial value. Jun porcelain works should not only reflect the majestic spirit, but also show the elegance of small and exquisite, the subtle and rough expression, the dynamic and static reflection, the coordination of lines and decoration, the harmony of type and glaze, type and meaning, is the key point that must be considered and concerned in the creative process, and can truly make people feel the power of creativity and design.
Singing for our great party, for our great army, for our great motherland, and for our great era in the language of ceramic art is the greatest pursuit and long-cherished wish of my life: I have been thinking, as contemporary artists, what can we bring to today? What can be left for the future? Since I take Jun porcelain as a career today, we must pursue the ultimate of our works, and we must have our works in national and provincial museums and art galleries, so that we can be truly responsible for history and life. Life is endless, struggle is not stopped, with full passion and a high sense of political responsibility to create our era of Jun kiln boutique, is the real mission and responsibility, I am willing to fight for it, let the light of life bloom in the art furnace!

Editor's note: What is "family and country feelings"? What is "international vision", the artistic practice of Chinese Jun porcelain artist Wang Zhongquan has given us a good answer. He stands at the strategic height of the development of the "Belt and Road Initiative", with a sense of mission to history and the times, digging deep into the origin and connotation of Jun porcelain culture, and transforming it into a unique Jun porcelain works, which should be love, truly from the bone of love, "love" is the source and driving force of creation, we look forward to Mr. Zhongquan to create more and better works of art belonging to our times, drive the development of the local economy, and cultivate a group of workers and collectors who truly love Jun porcelain culture and art.


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