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Celebrating World Radio Day


13 February 2024

The South African Government joins the global community in celebrating World Radio Day under the theme, "Radio: A Century Informing, Entertaining, and Educating”. This year’s theme underscores the rich history and diverse contribution of radio to our society.

For over a century, radio has played a pivotal role in informing, entertaining, and educating societies and it has been a critical tool for communication, connecting people across vast distances and diverse cultures. Its ability to transcend barriers of language and geography makes it a powerful instrument for promoting inclusivity and fostering unity among the country's diverse communities.

In South Africa, radio has historically been a cornerstone of democracy, serving as a platform for dialogue, debate, and the exchange of ideas. It has played a crucial role in promoting social cohesion, advancing human rights, and amplifying the voices of marginalised groups.

The GCIS Acting Diretor-General, Nomonde Mnukwa said: “Radio remains a reliable source of information and a catalyst for positive change. It has also been a constant companion to millions of South Africans, providing them with essential news, entertainment, and valuable educational content. Importantly, the affordability and accessibility of radio makes it an essential medium, particularly in remote and disadvantaged communities."

As the world celebrates World Radio Day, Government also recognises the invaluable contributions of broadcasters, journalists, and producers who work tirelessly to bring quality programming each day.

Together, let us continue to support and nurture this timeless medium as we strive to build a more inclusive, informed, and enlightened society for all South Africans.


Proclaimed in 2011 by the Member States of UNESCO and adopted by the United Nations General Assembly (A/RES/67/124) in 2012 as an International Day, February 13 became World Radio Day (WRD).

Radio is a powerful medium for celebrating humanity in all its diversity and constitutes a platform for democratic discourse. At the global level, radio remains the most widely consumed medium. This unique ability to reach out the widest audience means radio can shape a society’s experience of diversity, stand as an arena for all voices to speak out, be represented and heard. Radio stations should serve diverse communities, offering a wide variety of programs, viewpoints and content, and reflect the diversity of audiences in their organizations and operations.

Radio is a low-cost medium specifically suited to reaching remote communities and vulnerable people, offering a platform to intervene in the public debate, irrespective of people’s educational level. It also plays a crucial role in emergency communication and disaster relief.

Radio is uniquely positioned to bring communities together and foster positive dialogue for change. By listening to its audiences and responding to their needs, radio services provide the diversity of views and voices needed to address the challenges we all face.

Happy World Radio Day!


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