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Henan Overseas Spring Festival Gala in Ethiopia

26 January 2024

On January 23, 2024, sponsored by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the People's Government of Henan Province, the Information Office of the Provincial Government, Henan Radio and Television Station, and the China Henan Chamber of Commerce in Ethiopia, and organized by China Songshan Shaolin Temple, Henan Acrobatic Group, Puyang Acrobatic Art School, Henan Yangshao Liquor Group, Chinese Toutiao Henan Channel, Wulin Feng Hainan Media Co., Ltd., and Henan Radio and Television Wushu World Channel, the "Henan Overseas Spring Festival Gala Africa Tour" was held as scheduled at the Ethiopian National Theater.

In this event, the main creative team, local overseas Chinese groups, and literary and art workers worked together to overcome various difficulties and make every effort for the perfect presentation of the party.

The whole party lasted more than four hours, the atmosphere was lively, the program was rich and colorful, mainly based on Henan traditional cultural performances, including Henan opera, Shaolin kung fu, dance, acrobatics, etc., these performance forms are not common among the Ethiopian people, so they attracted great interest and curiosity. The actors' performance skills were exquisite, showing the unique charm of traditional Chinese culture and regional characteristics to the fullest, and won applause and cheers from the audience. This feast of cultural collision and blending has written a rich page in the history of China- Ethiopia friendship.

Cultural exchanges, writing a new chapter of friendship.In Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, Chinese everywhere are messengers of culture. Therefore, African audiences are no strangers to Chinese culture, but more curious and enthusiastic. They were in awe of the African compatriots who performed in the Shaolin Kung Fu program, and after the curtain came down, they stayed and continue to communicate enthusiastically with the main creative team, and said that they will go to China to Henan and experience the culture and opportunities for cooperation. Although the languages are different and the customs are different, the pursuit of beautiful things is the same.

The Spring Festival Gala is not only an opportunity for cultural exchanges, but also an important platform to promote win-win cooperation between China and Ethiopia in different fields. The Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia, the Chinese Mission to the African Union, the medical team in Ethiopia, local overseas Chinese groups and Chinese-funded enterprises discussed the enhancement of cooperation in the fields of cultural exchanges, traditional Chinese medicine culture, and economic and trade exchanges along the "Belt and Road", expanding the circle of friends in Henan, and promoting people-to-people bonds.

The Spring Festival Gala is an excellent stage for cultural and artistic exchanges, showing the infinite charm of Chinese culture, and the Central Plains culture is a unique and heavy part of Chinese culture. This unique Spring Festival Gala has written a new chapter and style for China-Ethiopia exchanges and even China-Africa exchanges, and has used the characteristic regional culture that keeps pace with the times to bring forth the new in the new era, establish a new bridge to take off, and exert unlimited power for the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind. (Henan Radio and Television Martial Arts World Editor-in-Charge: Liu Kaijie).
Editor's note: A history of China and half of the history of Henan, Wenyun Tong Guoyun, Henan Overseas Spring Festival Gala was successfully held in Ethiopia, laying the foundation for China-Africa humanities education and economic and trade development, and also building a bridge for Henan enterprises to take the road of "Belt and Road" international brand development in the post-epidemic era. The government sets up the stage, the enterprise works hard, and the economy takes off. BFM

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