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DVT – Your one stop diplomatic vehicle shop

Theo Pretorius, Founder of DVT

23 January 2024

Diplomatic Vehicle Trade has come full circle and is taking the responsibility of finding, buying and selling your car as a Diplomat. We have made it our priority to remove any of the anxiety and stress, making this process efficient, fast and safe.

We have various partners in the motor industry who help us to speed up the process of finding a specific car, or even just a great deal on a car that fits your needs. This means we are able to source new cars, used cars and unique cars from reliable and trusted sources.

Through our industry knowledge and network of partners we have created a bundle of vehicle-specific services and products that take an individual from step one all the way to the completed transaction.

There are many factors to consider along the vehicle buying journey so we have broken down the essential steps and our partners have provided us with a great means to provide you with the best possible deal.

Diplomat specific insurance has been created for us by KingPrice as well as DotSure. There is no need to just accept any quote anymore.

For vehicle tracking and recovery, which is required by many insurance companies as part of your insurance policy, we have partnered with Netstar, the leading vehicle tracking and recovery company in South Africa.

Additional partners provide for cover across smash and grab window protection, paint and dent prevention, extended warranties on vehicles, 4x4 Accessories and much more.

Recently we partnered with an exciting new company named ADA who provide anti hi-jacking courses, defensive driving courses and 4x4 courses to name just a few.

DVT has committed to bringing the entire vehicle experience to one place where you can feel rest assured we will put your needs first.

DVT is a Diplomatic Society affiliate.

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