Sri Lanka’s Diplomacy with West Asia: United Arab Emirates and its Geo- Economic significance

2 October 2021

The power matrix in the 21st century between large and small nations like Sri Lanka will be determined by the shifts in the global order. In a nutshell, Sri Lanka, the United Arab Emirates and other nations in West Asia have long sustained sturdy diplomatic and business ties. In framing its foreign policy, Sri Lanka’s main aim should be to promote its national objectives with other key nations in West Asia.

The diplomatic ties between Colombo and the West Asian nations have been solid dating back to the era of the zenith of the Non-Alignment Movement (NAM). Given Sri Lanka’s foreign policy priorities, the country foresees the potential of engagement in West Asia.

As an island nation H.E Malraj De Silva, Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the United Arab Emirates focused on the Sri Lankan-West Asia foreign policy at a webinar hosted by the Global Sri Lanka Forum (GSLF) and the Diplomatic Society (DS)

Inputs by President of the GSLF Mr Sunil Chandrakumara recognized the speakers and moderated the discussions. Mr Kirtan Bhana Director at DS made opening remarks. Award winning Foreign Policy Analyst Dr. Srimal Fernando conducted an exclusive interview with Ambassador De Silva on his new diplomatic role.

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