Indonesia’s flagship products reaches one of the largest malls in South Africa

20 September 2021

Indonesian superior products are increasingly being recognized in South Africa. ITPC Johannesburg supported by the Indonesian Embassy in Pretoria is aggressively promoting Indonesian products in South Africa. An In-Store promotion was held from September 14-20 at one of the largest malls in South Africa, Sandton City.

ITPC Johannesburg and the Indonesian Embassy in Pretoria showcased Indonesian products already in the South African market, including instant noodle products, biscuits, coconut drinks, medicines/pharmaceuticals, beauty and hair care products, tyres and motor vehicle accessories, furniture, and several other superior products.

"Our goal in holding an In-Store promotion is to increase the awareness amongst people of South Africa of Indonesian products in South Africa," said Salman Al Farisi, Indonesian Ambassador to South Africa.

In general, in-store promotions, especially Indonesian products, received positive responses from visitors to the Sandton City mall. Several visitors said that they had used Indonesian products, even though they just realized that these products were made in Indonesia.

In addition to displaying products that are already in the South African market, Indonesia also promoted products that have not yet entered the South African market, from food and beverage products, beauty products, health products, handicrafts/handicrafts, coffee, PPE, including masks, etc.

In addition to displaying, Indonesia also distributed samples for instant noodles and coffee products.

"We also hope to be able to attract potential buyers from the implementation of this in-store promotion, considering that there has been no physical exhibition held in South Africa so that prospective buyers can immediately see and try Indonesian products. It is hoped that this in-store promotion can increase Indonesia-South Africa trade,” added Anggun Paramita Mahdi, Head of ITPC Johannesburg.

Based on data from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Competition (DTIC), South Africa's total imports from Indonesia for 2020 amounted to USD688.9 million.

During the in-store promotion, the Indonesian Embassy in Pretoria also performed Indonesian traditional dances as a way of promoting the beauty of Indonesian culture.

Indonesian Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) Johannesburg, South Africa