Argentina Celebrates its National Day and Reaffirms its Friendship with South Africa

By María Florencia Segura, Chargé d´Affaires, Embassy of Argentina to South Africa

9 July 2021

The Embassy of Argentina to South Africa celebrated, on the 9th of July, the 205th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of Argentina that took place in the city of Tucumán, on July the 9th of 1816. In 1816, we declared our political independence and started our road as a young nation to build our own future.

As it happened in the past, we are facing new challenges. Nowadays, Argentina to-gether with the rest of the world is suffering all the health, economic and social conse-quences of the COVID-19 pandemic. I do believe that what the pandemic has shown us is the recognition of the values of solidarity, the need for multilateralism and the presence of the state to help its people, especially to those who have been affected the most. Argentina and South Africa share with the international community the idea that in this pandemic, no country can survive alone, and to achieve sustainable development for its societies and to fight COVID-19, more than ever, multilateralism is needed as was conveyed by our pres-idents in the last G-20 meetings.

I would like to also pay tribute to those who lost their lives due to COVID-19 and specially send my support to the Argentine and South African families.

Argentina is a very diverse country without any armed, racial, religious or border conflicts and we have learned to live peacefully as one single and integrated nation. We produce food for about four hundred million people, but we also export software, nuclear reactors, airplanes, biotechnology and video games. We have been awarded with three Nobel prizes in science and two Peace Nobel prizes, so with this “resilience” in mind, we are also trying to rebuild our economy and our exports. We also have a very large country as South Africa with different landscapes. I invite you all, when the pandemic is over to visit them.

We are delighted to celebrate in 2021, 30 years since the reestablishment of bilateral relations between Argentina and South Africa after apartheid. Since the beginning of their dip-lomatic relations in 1991, Argentina and South Africa have developed a solid bilateral rela-tionship characterized by a varied and multiple agenda.

I firmly believe in the extraordinary potential of our bilateral relations and we are working together to develop more and to strengthen our ties. Argentina and South Africa share fundamental principles and values in their respective foreign policies such as the defense of multilateralism, adherence to the fundamental norms of international law, the promo-tion and protection of human rights, respect for global institutions in international security, environment and trade, among others. South Africa has always supported our historical claim on the sovereignty of the Malvinas Islands.

Our economies are complementary and offer great potential if we work together and we join efforts in this difficult time. Bilateral trade has historically been surplus for our coun-try. South Africa is the first destination of our exports in sub-Saharan Africa. I´m persuaded that there are great opportunities ahead for Argentina and South Africa, as developing countries both in commodities and in industrial products, and also great potential for in-vestments in our regions.

South Africa has been always a potential market for agricultural machinery and the direct seeding technology package. We reaffirm our entire disposal of cooperation with South Af-rica according with its own needs of development and new projects in agriculture and land reform.

Argentina is working together with DIRCO to prepare the Binational Commission Argentina-South Africa (BICSAA) that fortunately will take place this year in the second semester and which involves all the topics of its bilateral relationship: Human Rights, Trade and Investment, Science and Technology, Agriculture, Art and Culture, Sports and Tourism.

In the celebration of the 205th Anniversary of the Declaration of the Independence of Argentine Republic, the Embassy of Argentina reaffirms the solid friendship between Argentina and South Africa.

Viva la Argentina! Viva Sudáfrica!