Sanitizing the Air

20 June 2020

Human beings are fragile living creation’s, whom all live on a beautiful planet which is divided into various continents, with different languages, cultures and creeds, having one fundamental common thread, we are all exposed to viruses, diseases and natural disasters.
The earth in all of its majesty, wonder and splendour, does not respect, status, governments, your standing in society, creeds or cultures and the current coronavirus pandemic is testament to the fragility of all human beings.

Life as we knew it, has certainly changed and we are now chartering in unknown waters, as scientist throughout the world are yet to conclusively discover the origins of the coronavirus and they are racing with urgency to produce a vaccine to defeat this deadly virus and to save humanity, one conundrum though, medical science sadly; does not have a cure for the coronavirus.

The result, a war is currently being waged against this invisible enemy, whom has no respect for borders or sovereignties and the world is gripped by fear and rightfully so, especially knowing that there is no cure for covid-19. Our natural human instincts for survival are activated, self-preservation and the protection of our families become the focal point and priority for all individuals.

Governments the world over, have intensified the fight against this invisible enemy, to curb the infection rates and to keep the death toll as low as possible.

One of the defence mechanisms which has been implemented on a global scale, was the strategy of implementing lockdown in various stages, the first phase was a hard lockdown, which resulted in the total shutdown of economies around the world, industries ground to a halt, international and domestic travel was prohibited, citizens were not allowed out of their homes, the only time allowed out of your home was for the purchase of essential foods, goods and medical supplies, then you had to provide proof to law enforcement, that you are actually going to purchase essential goods, for fear of being arrested or being fined heavily.

When venturing out under the hard lockdown, stringent rules were in place to minimise the spread of the virus, such as; the mandatory wearing of face masks, exercising social distancing and regular sanitizing. Retail stores had to adapt and implement a culture of sanitizing patrons, limiting the number of patrons in their stores, thus resulting in snaking queues, and implemented social distancing measures and the mandatory wearing of masks in their stores.

All in the name of building defence mechanisms against the coronavirus, after a two-month period, we see many countries downgrading their lockdown levels, to allow their economies to come back on line and citizens to gradually return to a sense of normality, albeit a new normal.

The new normal which we have to adapt to, is living within a sanitized environment, add face masks to our apparel as a regular feature, be armed with hand sanitizer and to live life, with the constant knowledge that the invisible enemy is lurking and may strike at any given moment.

However, with the advent of coronavirus, and the fact that individuals had so much time on their hands under the lockdown phases, there are remarkably new innovative inventions which has surfaced, to fight the spread of the coronavirus.

One of these innovations, are a smart air sanitizing unit which has the mechanisms to clean and sanitize an under roof environment from all pathogens, including coronavirus, without the aid of toxic and lethal chemicals.

The smart air sanitizing unit is designed and manufactured by SANITIZAIR a South African manufacturing entity, they have produced an African solution to combat a global pandemic.

The smart unit is able to collect all pathogens within a room, then the process entails, destroying of all the pathogens in the room by means of UVC technology (Germicidal) and then the air being filtered by HEPA filters, to ensure clean and sterile air is circulated into the room environment, free from all pathogens and harmful viruses such as the coronavirus. Afterhours when unoccupied, the smart unit automatically runs the Ozone cycle that sterilizes all surfaces and sanitizes the room (chemical Free).

The reason why the smart air sanitizing unit/s are intelligent, they come fitted with intelligent controls which enables the units to operate at opportune times, the units may be programmed to operate at times scheduled by management or the covid-19 officer in two separate stages.
The benefits of the smart air sanitizing unit/s are:
1.    Non-intrusive.
2.    No chemicals are used in the process of eliminating the pathogens.
3.    No disruption in office settings, factory settings, schools, airports, train stations and places of worship.
4.    The units may stay operational while people are in the room.
5.    Clean and sterile air equivalent to an operating theatre and ICU hospital environment, being distributed into the room environment.
6.    Extremely low maintenance.
7.    Long-term solution
8.    A solid Investment for the health and safety of your staff, leaners, managers, shoppers, family and visitors.
There are three smart units:
1.    Series 100 – This smart unit will cover an area of 100 -200m²
2.    Series 200 – This smart unit will cover an area of 200 – 400m²
3.    Home and Classroom series – This smart unit will cover an area of 25m²

The smart air sanitizing unit/s solution are part of the arsenal to combat the spread of the invisible enemy (coronavirus) and to destroy all known pathogens in the environment.

Let us intensify our fight against the coronavirus, ensure the safety of our families, communities and society at large, let Ubuntu become a reality in these uncertain times.

by Arnie Hicks