I am Preaching a New Age of Holistic Innovation!

18 May 2020

Interview with Dieter Brockmeyer, Co-Founder and Director Innovation & TIME of Diplomatic World Institute and Chief Project Officer (CPO) of Diplomatic World (Group), Brockmeyer'"s column Change Now is a regular feature on the Diplomatic Society media platforms.

Photo: Crypto Asset Conference, CAC2020

Describing your background, taking us back to your earlier days, what motivated you to establish the Diplomatic World Institute?

I have been a journalist and developer of industry conferences all my professional life with a strong focus on the media and specifically in the TV industry. This connected me to telecommunications and the internet at a very early stage. So eventually I found myself to have developed a strong expertise in innovation. That led to launching a first exclusive global award, the Global Media innovator, which I organized for three seasons. During this period, I also met Barbara Dietrich who at that time took over the Diplomatic World magazine. Within only four of five years she turned that into a recognized global opinion platform where presidents of states, industry leaders and other great minds express their visions on the future of our planet. So, when she approached me with the idea of the Institute this appeared to be a logical step since the world is changing rapidly and needs new approaches and this has been speeding up even more with the Corona virus outbreak.

What value or benefit does such an institute offer considering how the world has changed?

Well, this pandemic made obvious that we need to rethink some of the key issues on how we run our planet. The current paradigm of outsourcing, cost cutting and optimizing profits in the long run is deadly to our planet. I am not criticising capitalism, not at all, only the way it is executed. We have to re-focus on humanity. This also requires us to re-think innovation. We need to innovate our planet. This requires a new definition. Currently we see that innovation is driven by new technology initiating change on how we do things to make processes more efficient. We must open up this definition to a holistic approach also including social, humanitarian aspects. You may say I am preaching a new age of innovation, of holistic innovation!
You surely ask which role we hope the Diplomatic World Institute to play in this? Of course, we know that we are too small to matter on our own. We see ourselves as an interface, launching or analysing initiatives, bringing likeminded partners together, moderate processes and so on. And, of course, we can make our voice heard in these debates leading to changing our world. We do not need to sit on the driver’s seat to have some impact.

As Director of Innovation and TIME explain your role?

This depends very much on the hat I am wearing. I am also CPO of that group we are just forming with magazine, the institute, and other elements we are developing. Here I am involved working on the concepts and bringing partners on to the boat, and we hope to be able to provide more info soon. However, Corona has some impact by slowing things down. Taking this into account, everything is on a good path though.
Forging partnerships is also a big part of my role in the institute for the time being. To give you an example, we already held a webinar together with the Moscow Institute for Psychoanalysis on “Human and Neuro Diplomacy”. We now hope to develop into a full course on this subject. In fact, feedback on the webinar was quite positive. Our own first project, holistic innovation, we hope to announce late summer, early September if all goes well.

What is it that you hope to achieve?

Impact and debate! Yes, I think that summarizes best what we envision. We can not change the world. But we can help to stimulate those groups and parties around the globe that are paving the path of change. The one we are on today is leading to a dead end.