Ecuadorian gastronomy and culture

2 December 2019

Ecuador is known for its beautiful tapestry and hand woven designs. It is a country filled with artists of every genre and food that makes foodies want to stay just a bit longer.

When traveling to Ecuador, one can visit different regions that will offer one different types of cuisine as well as culture. It is a country filled with variety and each region is proud of its own creations. Ecuador is known for their variety of soups and each region will feed you. Some of the most famous dishes that Ecuador could offer you are its many arrays of soups, of which Ecuadorians are very proud. Some soups like Chupe de pescado, Locro, Sopa de bolas de verde and Yaguarlocro are well-known around the country.

Ecuador’s bakeries can be considered as art galleries, because each piece of bread and pastry is an artwork of its own. In November Ecuador celebrates the ‘Day of the Dead’ and throughout the country you will have the opportunity to taste Colada Morada and Guaguas de pan. Guaguas de pan are handmade pastries which spot pictures on the top which are colourfully decorated. Each bakery designs its own and each bakery takes great pride.



Two things that tourists always bring back from this diverse country is a hand woven tapestry and a straw hat. These are a part of Ecuadorian culture and one cannot simply leave without buying these handmade artworks from locals. When an Ecuadorian market is visited, a lot of culture can be experienced, from the outgoing locals to the streets lined with colourful fruit and vegetable stalls.

On cultural days, the streets are lined with dancers in beautiful clothing dancing to the sound of local music. This creates a picturesque scene not to be missed. They celebrate through dance and song, which encourages all of the bystanders to unite in the festivities.
To go to Ecuador will guarantee you a good time. There are so many activities to choose from, like bird watching, hiking in the striking nature of the Highlands, as well as taking tours in Quito to experience the culture and to learn about the history of this historical city. No one ever regrets going to such a diverse country.  Ecuador offers you many holidays in one.


Ecuador is a country in the middle of the world, with the equator running through it. This line does not divide, but rather it joins all of the diversities together.