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Boost your Country's Trade
A success story

ASEAN correspondent - Global Business Services, Jakarta

“We are experiencing an exponential growth in trade and tourism with South Africa as a direct result of the marketing and promotion strategy adopted by our officially accredited partner and facilitator working in close collaboration with the South African and Indonesian embassies, the national departments and chambers-of-commerce on both sides”, according to an interview with sources inside the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (KADIN).

“This success is now translating into the domino effect that has led to a number of significant joint ventures and investments from South Africa into Indonesia being concluded. The first of which have already started operating.

“Furthermore, it has led to the formalisation of several significant G-to-G agreements being concluded.

“The latest being the signing of a MOU between the Indonesian Department of SME and Co-operatives with the DTI on policy formulation and the development of practical support mechanisms for boosting the establishment and improving the success rate of small enterprises, co-operatives and mass self-employment in South Africa for which Indonesia has become world famous over the past 8 years with the establishment of a parallel economy of over 51 million formally registered new small business units whose output now exceeds the GDP of the established ‘formal sector’”.

H.E. Sjahril Sabaruddin, Ambassador of Indonesia in Pretoria acknowledged the contribution of the facilitators and confirmed that “through our joint effort 167 delegates attended the World Export Development Forum, The Joint Bilateral Commission between South Africa and Indonesia in support of Minister Rob Davis of the DTI, and the Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) held in Jakarta last month.”

Mr Mintardjo Halim, Director for Africa, Indonesian National Chamber of Commerce in Jakarta, added, “We have extended the mandate of our facilitators to work in collaboration with the SADC Embassies in Pretoria to identify agents and dealers who can source huge volumes of bulk mining and agricultural commodities for us from throughout the entire SADC region.

“This massive boost in the bilateral trade will propel our countries’ relationship into a new dimension and will position South Africa and SADC as strategic trading partners with Indonesia as already announced by the Minister of Trade, Mr Gita Wirjawan and the Vice Minister Bayu Krisnamurthi, as well as the Director General of National Export Development, Indonesian Department of Trade, Mr Gusmardi Bustami, last month”.

Recently, the facilitators expanded their presence in Indonesia by concluding a number of strategic partnerships in Jakarta.

Amongst these, with a well established and respected consultancy, PT Global Business Services, associates of the past Ambassador (Ret) of Indonesia to South Africa, H.E. Abdul Nasier, and a leading  travel operator PT ARIA Travel.  

This additional capacity will provide on the ground support for South African official delegations and businesses wishing to explore trade and investment opportunities in Indonesia and Indonesian companies wishing to do business in South Africa and SADC.

The South African Embassy in Jakarta  are delighted at the prospects that this expanded facility in Jakarta will offer.

“We have long had a need for someone to look after the interests of South African companies looking to do business with Indonesia. This will greatly assist us at the Embassy in our task. In future we will route all enquiries through them.”

Using their tried and tested formula, which has been developed and honed to a fine edge over the past 17 years, since the democratisation in 1996, the facilitators, the same team whose direct efforts boosted the bilateral trade and tourism between South Africa and PRC China in excess 10-fold since Y2001, appear likely to better their performance with Indonesia over the next two to three years.

Their exact formula is a very closely guarded secret but we have learned from inside sources that they follow the prescript “There is NO substitute for face-to-face contact!” and revolves around their mandate for receiving incoming political, official and business delegations on behalf of and in collaboration with the Indonesian and the South African embassies and setting up of one-on-one meetings with appropriate leadership and buyers according to a predefined strategy.

The sourcing and procurement strategy is very intricate, and is based on decades of experience and an in-depth understanding of the South African and SADC city, urban spread and rural markets, the national and regional distribution of spending power and household disposal income, product demand of each of these market sectors and geographical divisions, and the formulation of a sourcing and procurement strategy from the host country that will meet these individual demands.

Headline international media coverage is made by working in close collaboration with The Diplomatic Society: Foreign Exchange News, where the success stories are published and appropriate recognition is given to the ambassadors, dignitaries and officials involved, in this monthly newspaper and in our weekly newsletter that is sent out to over 6000 selected international relations practitioners around the world.

Counsellor of Economic Affairs at the Indonesia Embassy in Pretoria, Mr Berlian Helmy commented, “We are grateful for the huge contribution that our formal partner and facilitator, The Diplomatic & Executive Networking Centre has made in assisting us to reach these high achievements in our bilateral relations and trade with South Africa.

“Without them it would not have happened. They respect the integrity and confidentiality of the business and official information and assignments that are entrusted to them.”






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