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GTAC –Capable Behaviour

25 July 2019

The SARB Conference centre was transformed into a school for learners in the vocation of public service.  Experts and professionals shared their expertise and experiences over the five day Public Economics Winter School for 2019.

Photo: High Commissioner of Canada Sandra McCardell with Deputy Minister of Finance David Masondo

The 4th Public Economics Winter School 2019 was hosted by GTAC, an agency of the South African National Treasury at the Reserve Bank (SARB) in Pretoria, South Africa. The Winter School is a capacity building exercise that aims to enhance state capability.

Among the theme sessions which included User Chargers and Education Financing, the Behavioural and Attitude interventions seemed to be central to the overall discussions. Keynote speaker Dr. Avni Shah of Toronto University, a professor of behaviour, amalgamated the factors that have an influence on human behaviour.

The four day school was attended by many public sector officials who had the opportunity of gleaning knowledge and interacting with specialists who have expertise. Canada’s High Commissioner  to South Africa Sandra McCardell said her country’s support for the School was a key contribution to a public service.  Deputy Minister of Finance David Masondo in his opening remarks spoke of rebuilding state capability, collective and inclusive economic interests, and a balanced regulation. He also pointed to the correlation between having discipline and its rewarding outcomes.

Acting Director of GTAC Lindiwe Ndlela referred to the increasing number of applications received as interest in Public Economics grows. The attendance of delegates from Mozambique indicated to the regional development of the Winter School.  Ndlela thanked Global Affairs Canada and SARB for the valued partnership.

Next year will mark the 5th year of the Winter School project. The year 2020 will be considered as a benchmark year. 2 decades into the new millennium, in 20 years, there has been a period of pronounced and profound global shifts. The cycle of learn, unlearn and relearn is generating a change in perspective. Environmental awareness has brought about a new school of thought on human behaviour and fresh and dynamic areas to research and bring about a greater understanding.




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