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Celebrating the Life of Chris Hani, A True Revolutionary, A Friend of Cuba

10 April 2019

Twenty six years ago, in the morning of Saturday April 10, 1993, South African Communist Party secretary-general and member of the ANC national executive committee, Comrade Martin Thembisile "Chris" Hani, was assassinated outside his Boksburg home.

Although he was only 50 at the time of his death, his contribution to the anti-Apartheid struggle was enormous.

Cde. Hani was one of the most courageous and talented revolutionary leaders on the fight for a new South Africa. Although he had been a military man for nearly thirty years, he strongly believed in peace.

He gave a strong voice to the poor and oppressed. He touched the very heart of millions of South Africans and gave them hope, courage, and a way forward.

Cde. Hani was also a firm supporter of the Cuban Revolution. For Cubans, he is an example of a true revolutionary, and a symbol of the special bonds that unite South Africa and Cuba.

Chris Hani will never be forgotten and his life will always be celebrated. As Nelson Mandela said at Hani's funeral: “Fighter, revolutionary, soldier for peace, we mourn deeply for you. You will remain in our hearts forever."




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