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Kenyan Airways:  A new era of East African aviation

27 October 2018

By Srimal Fernando

Kenya, located in the heart of East Africa between two of Africa’s fastest emerging economies, Ethiopia and Uganda serves as the gateway to massive markets of the African continent. 

Kenya, a vital  gateway, to Africa has shown  a steady growth of 27,955  aircraft movement in July 2018 when compared to 27,179 air traffic movement in the  same month  last year ( Kenya airport Authority 2018).

Although geographic location is an important  factor behind Jomo Kenyatta International Airport’s ( JKIA) success as a hub  in Africa, the airport  has taken advantage  of its location  and maintains one  of the busiest airports with the continent.

As of 2018 Kenyan airways the  national flag carrier of Kenya was clearly  a premier airline flying to 53 destinations within Africa and across the globe, unmatched  by any other airline  in the East African  region.  Kenyan Airways has adopted major approaches to strengthen its competitiveness over the last few years.  In the national context both the Kenyan Airways and the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport’ of Nairobi has been a major contributor to the national income and employment. 

In fact expansion of the fleet capacity of Kenyan Airways is determined by the supply and demand factors of global travel industry. “We  feel very excited  when  a customer  has a positive  experience  with  us”   said    Sebstain   Miosz Group  Managing  Director  and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kenyan Airways .   In addition the Kenyan Airways new brand identity called Karibu introduces new catering service with authentic Kenyan style service with three courses in the airline's new trademark identity. “We   are delighted to launch   our new catering   service “.  The Kenyan national carrier has plans to launch services to 20 new international destinations, including Africa, Europe   and Asia, in the next five years. In a new spin on in-flight shopping, Karibu the airline catalog offers various duty-free and travel-exclusive items for special shopping experience. The products have a zero tolerance on wild life trafficking.

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport of Nairobi and the Moi International Airport at Mombasa plans to expand its passenger handling capacity to usher in a new era of air travel in Kenya.

Srimal Fernando is a research scholar at Jindal School of International Affairs, India and an Editor of The Diplomatic Society for South Africa.



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