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Astana celebrates 20

5 July 2018

Astana, the Kazakh capital, commemorates 20 years of its establishment in 2018. It has rapidly developed into a modern metropolis with a population of over one million inhabitants. 

As a hub for Eurasia, Astana has already been host to many international events including the Expo 2017. The official opening of the International Financial Center Astana (IFCA) in July of 2108 will attract and be able to finance large scale infrastructure projects.

This is in keeping with its vision of smart cities and global inclusivity to facilitate the leap into the modern digital era.

Futuristic design and space age architecture of industrial, commercial and public buildings dot the cityscape and can eaisly double as a backdrop to a science fiction movie scene.

A luncheon was hosted by Ambassador Talgat Kaliyev of Kazakhstan at the embassy in Tshwane, South Africa, to commemorate the event. Ambassador Kaliyev referred to the great strides and progress made by the authorities of Astana as the country continues on its path as an independent nation. He also pointed to possibilities and opportunities for investment, trade and tourism as the city’s plan is more focussed on qualitative growth.



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