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Making Africa Work

19 April 2018

Is there a lever in a basement somewhere that when pulled sees the rise of some governments and the fall others?

The book, Making Africa Work – A handbook for economic success, was compiled after many hours of painstaking research, interviews with heads of state, business leaders and other high profile influential women and men. Interaction and conversations with the ordinary person, worker and pedestrian makes for a holistic account of the attitude required to revolutionise the way Africa goes about doing its business.
Photo: Greg Mills with Senior Marshal of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland Mr. Kornel Morawiecki

The facts and projections present an ideal launch pad for Africa to make the quantum leap out of its learned helplessness, problem based development and low trust.

The hand book relates a paradigm shift of the story of Mama Africa, as the continent is affectionately referred to.  It presents concrete calculations and advice on where and how, in some cases just by doubling the input and output e.g. from 10% to 20%, can serve as a catalyst for steady and sustainable development. It speaks of positive contagion, asset based development and social capital.

Compiled and produced under the auspices of the Oppenheimer family’s Brenthurst Foundation by Director Greg Mills, Jeffery Herbst, President and CEO of Newseum in Washington DC, Olusegun Obasanjo, former President of Nigeria and Dickie Davis, Managing Director of Nant Enterprises, the book has been translated into several languages.



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