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Durban – South Africa in the Making

19 January 2018

Durban, South Africa, one of the busiest ports in the southern hemisphere was opened in 1840. Home to the Zulus, the largest ethnic group in South Africa, Durban is also known as the city for having the most number of Indian descendent population outside of India and has had a significant influence on the cultural diversity of this port City.

‘South Africa in the Making’, a historic photographic and audio exhibition is currently hosted at the iconic Moses Mabhida stadium and presents an informative and educational display of freedom activists who gave their lives to free South Africa from the scourge and brutality of apartheid.





Sunny Singh (78) a Durban native and overseer of the exhibition, is a veteran of the MK, Spear of the Nation, the then military wing of the freedom movement. He is available at the exhibition to give accounts of his involvement and commitment to a free South Africa, for which he was arrested and sentenced to a 10 year imprisonment on the notorious Robben Island off the coast of Cape Town.

Photo: Sunny Singh and Jaimal Anand (Dirco) at the entrance of the Exhibition at Moses Mabhida stadium

The exhibition was launched by the Monty Naicker Commemoration Committee. The aim is to create a greater awareness of the sometimes tragic and triumphant events of South Africa’s recent history. It serves to correct the distortions created by colonialism and apartheid propaganda and misinformation, and acknowledge the many heroes who stood up for their rights and defended the dignity of others.

As South Africa grapples with its transformation, and building an inclusive nation, this exhibition will lend to the development of a non – racial, non-sexist and free South African identity.



March 2019








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