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Everyone is getting served!

Born out of writer Mike White’s itch to respond to a number of socio-political events, Beatriz at Dinner is the collaborative effort between writer, White, and Director Miguel Arteta.

The killing of Cecil the lion in 2015 had enraged White so much that he began to imagine the conversation he would have were he faced with someone who told him they were on their way to Africa to hunt an exotic and endangered animal. Setting this imagined conversation against the relatable backdrop of a dinner party provided the perfect frame for White and Arteta to expose and explore the polarities of the current social discourse.

Beatriz, a soft-spoken holistic healer, finds herself staying for dinner at an elegant hilltop estate where she meets brash, hardnosed businessman Doug. The two quickly establish a theatre of war, placing themselves squarely on opposite ends of the battleground; as they engage in a battle of wits that explores the polarities of “rich vs poor”, “winners vs losers”, “male vs female” and “hunters vs healers.”

Exploring the widening gap between the world’s “haves” and “have-nots” with fierce insight and humour, Beatriz at Dinner addresses contemporary controversies in an everyday and relatable setting that quickly explodes into a darkly comedic satire.

Starring Salma Hayek and John Lithgow, Beatriz at Dinner releases at selected cinemas on the 29th of December.




Nov/Dec 2017 Edition







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