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The Age of China

6 November 2017

The resolution of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) firmly placed its confidence in General Secretary Xi Jinping who was overwhelmingly re-elected during the congress and the CPC Central Committee of seven to usher in a modern epoch of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Ambassador Lin Songtian of China to South Africa (pictured left) was comprehensive in his briefing to academia and media gathered at the Embassy in Pretoria, South Africa on October 31. He shared his experience on attending this Congress, considered to be a historic milestone. He elaborated on the two major judgments of the Congress, namely the evolution of the principal contradiction facing the Chinese society and that China’s socialism has entered a new era.

China has come of age after four decades of opening up, the experience and the lessons learned the knowledge and skills acquired has brought about a realization among the Chinese of their immense ability and potential and the world’s acknowledgment of the age of China.


Photo: General Secretary Xi Jinping details the plan for The Governance of China in this book




Moderate prosperity for all is the new vision, equitable wealth distribution, fairness, justice and a beautiful China answers the fundamental question of where China is going and how will it get there.  

From one success to another, the CPC has been at the centre of the Chinese society’s evolution.  Reaching the goal of common prosperity by 2020 and building a modern socialist country while improving quality and effect and not just the GDP is the dream for a better life for all.

The emphasis is on all-round human development, making a profound contribution to humankind and fulfilling the dream of a better life for all. All countries are equal in terms of sovereignty, territorial integrity, and independent choice for development path and social system. Consultation, dialogue and partnership should be the hallmark of state to state relations. The fairer global governance concept of planning together, building together and sharing together is intertwined with technological and infrastructure connectivity, financial integration and people to people bond, and the platform for win-win international relations and cooperation.

By having the courage to confront major risks and tests head on, rooting out corruption and ill-discipline, General Secretary Xi Jinping has created an improved political ecosystem and has strengthened party solidarity.



October 2017 Edition





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