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Holy Water and Tango inaugurates Colombian residence

Ambassador Pinilla Perdomo opened the celebration with a tango with Mr. Emiliano Fernandez after the residence was blessed by Monsignor Kevin Randall.

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Speech by Ambassador MC Pinilla Perdomo at the inauguration of the new Residence of the Embassy of Colombia in South Africa

Ambassador Louis Pienaar
Mr. Ben Joubert
Acting Director for Latin American Countries of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Africa
Monsignor Kevin Randall
Dear Ambassadors
Dear Friends
Thank you for joining us tonight for the opening of the New Residence of Colombia in South Africa.
The selection of this house seeks to honour the housing style of most of the ethnic communities of South Africa and the same time reflects the indigenous communities of Colombia.
This beautiful house shows the ties, similarities and heritage that Colombia and South Africa share.
Colombia and South Africa are megadiverse and multicultural countries, Tonight celebration’s theme, The Milonga, provides a glimpse of such a rich cultural variety that can be found in our country.
The Milonga and the Tango have their origin in the southern corner of South America.
The Milonga culture has grown internationally and gained a place deep in the hearts of the people of the city of Manizales.
Manizales is part of the coffee triangle of Colombia, where Juan Valdez lives, and has been declared a new destination for the Tango dancers because of its international Festival.
Thank you for your company and let’s Tango together.



July 2017 Edition




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