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Bibimbap Backpackers in South Africa

The “Bibimbap Backpackers” was established in 2011 by young Korean people with a passion for spreading Korean culture through cooking a traditional healthy Korean dish, Bibimbap. Originally started by 5 people, the backpackers have been delivering “Bibimbap” to approximately 20,000 foreigners in 20 countries in 4 different continents in the world so far.

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The first team in South Africa started on July 18, serving 'BibimBap' to South African Korean War Veterans at the Hartebees hall at the South African Air Force. The second event was for the children with pure dreams at the Brindhaven primary school and the last for South African youngsters with great passion at the University of Pretoria. Approximately 700 'Bibimbap' meals were served.

The Embassy of Korea in South Africa intends to encourage greater cultural exchanges between South Africa and Korea and create awareness of healthy eating.

The “Bibimbap” consists of 7 different fresh vegetables with a small portion of meat, and a traditional Korean sauce called “Gochu Jang”. It is very simply cooked, and it’s variety of vegetables provides you with great nutrition.

South Africa, the rainbow nation with a great diversity of race and language is similar to the variety of vegetables in “Bibimbap” which harmonises with each other, said the embassy spokesperson.



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