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International prestige of Maldives National University growing strongly in South Asia

By Srimal Fernando, Global Editor  
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Maldives National University (MNU) the largest university in the Maldives with a broad vision is promoting excellence in teaching and has earned a formidable international reputation for its pragmatic approach to higher education. The University situated in the heart of Male’ the capital city of the Maldives is renowned for its spectacular scenery and for tourism .The Maldives National University (MNU) formerly known as the Maldives College of Higher Education (MCHE) gained university status in February 15, 2011. The MNU provides   a range of courses and training needs for today’s Maldivian society.  Each year several hundreds of children apply for admission to the prestigious university in the Maldives.  In 2012 more than seven thousand students were accepted for long and short term courses. Of this number  some  six thousand student s were enrolled in long term courses at the University.  Today, Dr. Hassan Hameed the Vice-Chancellor is vigorously trying to develop the MNU’s international profile by .enhancing the student  life and  teaching environment in all faculties.   

Dr. Hassan Hameed, Vice-Chancellor

Dr. Hassan Hameed, Vice-Chancellor

The Maldives National University (MNU)   contributes  to  a number of  courses  across faculties . Among the programmes  conducted at the Faculty of Health Sciences , Faculty of Arts ,Faculty of Hospitality & Tourism Studies ,Faculty of Islamic Studies , Faculty of Education , Faculty of Health Sciences , Faculty of Engineering Technology and at Faculty of Science     offers  the  opportunity for students  to explore  and  discover  their own academic  interest .  In addition   Research Centre , Centre for Maritime Studies , Centre for Open Learning (COL) and Centre for Foundation Studies are the four main centers other than the faculties. In addition the MNU Centre for Open Learning (COL)  with  nearly  thousand   two hundred student enrolments  in 2012  established outreach centres in R.Dhuvaafaru ,GN.Fuvahmulah  and  in GA. Viligili islands .The  Maldives National University Business School  is developing a  range of courses  to ease the path of  students in attaining qualifications. Faculty of Arts located few blocks away from the Vice Chancellors office is  one of the  extensive  providers of  arts  courses . Mr Abdul Rasheed Ali  the  Dean of the Arts Faculty  is  concerned about the knowledge and skills about the enrolled students at the faculty.  More than a decade ago the Maldives College of Higher Education (MCHE) launched the  first Dhivehi language Bachelor of Arts degree programme  .Almost twelve years later in 2012   nearly twenty students    qualified in the Dhivehi language Bachelor of Arts degree programme.  The School of Journalism   a Centre of expertise under the Faculty of Arts  is linked with other major professional bodies in the world   provides a good foundation for the students in journalism and in mass communication. In 2012 nine students completed the Diploma in Journalism course. At the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Studies (FHTS) the module structure of the national diploma programme allows students  many different  study options. Scope for hospitality and tourism related subjects  for students  are  far greater  in the Maldives .The tourism   related courses brings students into contact with globally renowned professionals in the tourism industry. More than   hundred   students   completed hospitality and tourism    related courses ranging from certificate to BTEC national diploma courses in   2012. New state of  the art  Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Studies (FHTS) building  opened recently  and will provide much-needed study space for students.

 The MNU Business School   is becoming a Centre of expertise for courses in business studies.  The courses at the Business School    provides   a practical education  for  business and develop the knowledge  that equip the MNU students  with academic  background  for success in a range   of commercial  organizations . Faculty of Shariah  and Law  established  as a Institute in 1999    provides challenging programmes  of study . The  carefully integrated courses at  the Faculty of Science  and at the  Faculty  of S Health provides  a sound  base of theory  and practicality base. These two faculties are shaping the history of the university.  The degree  and associated diploma courses provides  a good foundation  in subjects associated with  Faculty  of Education.  The courses offered at the Faculty of Engineering Technology   covers a wide range of spectrum, embracing civil ,mechanical , electronic  engineering and architectural design.  In 2012 the Faculty of Management  and Computing  had  an enrolment of  more than thousand students  for long term courses and nearly half that was women.

The Centre for Maritime Studies is unique  in the Maldives  for the range of   areas of study it offers in the field of Maritime operations, engineering  ,port -logistics, oil tanker safety and related  subjects. These integral part of studies  at the MNU Centre for Maritime Studies aim to produce  professionals  with technical expertise to successfully manage maritime , ports and safety in a quality  orientated environment after completing the courses offered by the Centre. The Research Centre at the Maldives National University (MNU) is actively committed to  an expanding  research  programmes. The university  library with books ,periodicals ,videos  and audio visual collections are freely available for students and staff . The library   is  designed to help students  to make  the most  effective use  of services.  The catalogue of all the MNU library holdings is available directly to students through on line computers located in the ground floor of the university library. Nowadays  with  more  opportunities  available  for  aviation  and medical sciences  the  university  has made great strides  by embarking on setting up  an Aviation Training Centre and a Medical School for Maldivian students .   Education has always been held in high esteem in the Maldives. Over the years the past and present governments spent large sums to equip schools, training institutes and also for  the Maldives National University with the best teaching aids. The nation's premier university of higher learning in the Maldives   signed memorandum of understandings  with several  Asian and European  Universities and  Institutes to offer diverse courses to the MNU students. The Maldives National University (MNU)  with a national pride and an international prestige is known for its active engagement for preparing graduates who will make an impact on the Maldivian society.



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