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24th Commemoration of the Genocide in Rwanda

30 May 2018

The Johannesburg Holocaust and Genocide Centre in partnership with the High Commission of Rwanda in Pretoria and the United Nations Information Centre hosted the 24th Commemoration of the Genocide against the Tutsis in Rwanda.

H.E Vincent Karega, High Commissioner of Rwanda in South Africa remembered the atrocities that were committed in his country in 1994 leaving a million innocent dead. The country was left in shambles, the people traumatized and historical cohesion of Rwandans damaged, he said.

High Commissioner Karega said that violence and ethnic hatred that led to the genocide are not intrinsic values of Rwandans but a deliberate political agenda of the colonials through their strategy of divide and rule extended by Rwanda's own post-independence puppet leaders. The whole issue is about leadership and governance, he said.

"As we remember where we went wrong, we also celebrate our efforts in restoring Unity, reconciling the people of Rwanda and repositioning Rwanda as a peaceful, safe and progressive country." Karega said that commemorating the Genocide will continue for generations to come so that the same mistakes are not repeated and to prevent similar atrocities occurring elsewhere.

Wishing guests a happy African Day Karega said,"it is time for us to join our hands, brains, resources and infrastructure to boost our economies and the quality of life of our people in what we call “The Africa we want”.

Commemorating under the theme: “Remember-Unite-Renew”, candles were symbolically lit.



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