Womens Day 2021 fpg

by Dushiela

Dear Woman, the magnificence of your core beckons attention.
Patterned on the Mother, what divine qualities lie hidden within?
As the world tries to define you, your gaze is forced outward,
upward, downward; yet the greatest magic reveals itself inward.
Your essence whispers the shape of your identity; listen in the stillness.
For the voices that shout “you can’t do it”, what is your response?
For the voice inside that says “I can’t do it”; know the power of You.
Stand up and dance with this power to create a brighter dawn.
Sing your soul song loud and clear, radiating sunshine through your smile.
Honouring your creator self, flood the world with joyful expression.
You are not alone; play well with your sisters, laugh together in the rain.
Allow the hand of grace to quench your thirst and still your hunger.
The feminine is called to rise and shine brighter than ever before,
illuminating the terrain where great destinies continue to unfold.